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  1. I just finished the game, was pretty darn good. loved how they played the templars/assassins roles this time. graphics were amazing, but like War Weeny said, be prepared for a hit. max settings were pretty brutal in the cities.  my main problem with the game, as with a few games ive gotten from steam lately. is that it keeps bringing up the userc account control thing from windows. Oh and the fact that it required Uplay to play it. but if i were to launch Uplay before i launched the game on steam it would not be recognized. its just a little redundant.

  2. Are you changing the TV mode to see the computer with your connection?



    not sure what you mean, do you mean changing the input to the Computers channel? if so then yes, lets say i were to turn on the TV before starting up the computer, it works just fine, the issue is when changing the channel to, say my PS3 and then going back to PC, it just sees a "generic monitor" and i either have to restart the computer or disconnect and reconnect the connection manually to get it to work again.

  3. Hi all, Its been a while since i upgraded my rig. But i finally decided t go to the Green team, i bought myself a GTX680 over black friday and i love the card. But i do have one issue, i have my card hooked up to a monitor as well as a TV. and this was never an issue with my ATI cards but if i dont have the TV on when i turn the system on it will not be recognized. or if i changed the channel to something else and then came back to PC it would not recognize it anymore. does anyone know of a way to make it work in a similar fashion as my ATI card?

  4. Heres a theory that has been going around about the ending





    it sounds a bit outlandish but i would like to give bioware the benefit of the doubt.

  5. Oh dear god, how do you do it?


    I rarely EVER look at my desktop but I couldn't stand knowing that it was that messy and as far as desktops go yours is pretty clean.




    Well i used to be really tidy with my desktop until started modding stuff which required me experiment and make a bunch of bad/test files. once i get done with this batch of stuff i will work on making folders like someone said :thumbsup:

  6. I have to say that my choices are between Uncharted 3 and Skyrim. with uncharted 3 ahead by a bit. although i have maybe ten times more hours in skyrim, it is the quality in uncharted 3 that makes it my choice.

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