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  1. Depends on what game you play. In HL2, the 6600 will get stomped, but in Doom, it'll be the other way around. In overall power, the 6600 will lead by about 10% or so



    I am a RavenShield Player. I sometimes play Max payne 2 .... so i am not a superficial camger like some i just want higher then 115 fps in Ravenshield.

  2. I am in a delima here ... i can get a 9800 or the 6600 for the same price and i am wanting to know which is a better card.? BFG 6600 GT OC 128MB

    Or The ATI 9800 PRO 128mb Please give me insite. on this you guys have never steered me wrong ! thanks in advance!



  3. As said before ALLTEL is one of the better companys here in Virginia Beach, Version so so bad cant even talk to anyone with out dropping a call , T-Mobile if you travel outside of the US is great cause they are GSM phones No Sprint PCS isnt worth the time or money ! cause if your credit is fubard your gonna pay a 125.00 to 250.00 deposit and have a 125.00 spending limit and that means 125.00 not 125.01 the min you go over that 125.01 cent you will be turned off ... and if you get in a bind on your bill your screwed with SPC i would know i used to work for them ... i was a Network Eng . for the Eastern Switch from Northern Va to Southern NC , check altell or nextel ... but for the money you want to spend your not gonna get much .... 29.99 to 39.99 ina plan you would be best to check out alltel they have 1000atm "anytime mins" Free nite and weekends from 9pm and if your like me who works at nite then your set ... and i pay 39.99 for that plan ...





  4. In my opinion the best way to overclock nvidia cards is to use the standard nvidia drivers and then use coolbits. It seems to work very well. That oc you've got there, though, is probably as far as that card will want to go. Don't expect too much out of it...the fx5200 is a very slow series of cards.

    Yea i had it at 399 /466 and it would shutdown on me and do you know where i could get Coolbits ?

    i am running ona 4x agp slot so i am not getting the best of the best so to speak

  5. Not sure if this is where this post belongs.



    I have a ECS motherboard and it has cheapomans bios and i was wondering if i flashed it back to the orginal ECS Bios now i personaly have never flashed a bios iam 2 scared i will fubar something up ... but the question i have is has anyone used this HoneyX Bios and is it worth the headache i have an AMD2000+ and i am too broke to get a new processor.


    If someone knows anything about this Please let me know ! thanks.





  6. It took you two days? I used cutting wheels to put a window in, and it took an hour and a half. I can do a fan hole in an hour. To do one of each, I used 6 cutoff wheels. Are you sure you're not going against the dremel's spin? That can really slow down cutting speed, and break the cutoff wheels.

    you know what i might have been going against the direction your rite .... good point as i siad before i am a noob at this

  7. Ok her is my question what is the best tool to use when cuttingon the case ( antec sx835ii ) i am using a dremel var speed up to 30K now the next 60 million dollar question is whats the best attachemnt for like cutting the main shell so to speak want to mod a blow hole to the top of the case and man i used the cutting wheel to do my window and it took me almost near 2 days and 20 cutting wheels. ummm somehting wrong There anyway also ..... i have read many things on paining cases whats the best paint to use other then Automotive coating that is used in body shops ( have access to a booth just no time on my hands ) ???


    I know this is noob questions but if ya dont ask you will never know ..






    Stupid would be me ...


    Was Trained as a marine not a computer Geek.


    My Case Mod So far

  8. Since this forum is on the Nvidia Chip sets .... what about the FX sereies or is that a bogus one also ...

    I have the FX5200 128meg. over clock core 333 / mem 433 now to me it does pretty well while playing raven shield. but if there ia a better one for around the same price oh hell yea i am going for it !

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