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  1. Negtive I am [email protected] Owner of KRVSNET and Site of KRVS.NET
  2. Problems Solved. ordering the card right now. Thanks or input on that.
  3. I am a RavenShield Player. I sometimes play Max payne 2 .... so i am not a superficial camger like some i just want higher then 115 fps in Ravenshield.
  4. I am in a delima here ... i can get a 9800 or the 6600 for the same price and i am wanting to know which is a better card.? BFG 6600 GT OC 128MB Or The ATI 9800 PRO 128mb Please give me insite. on this you guys have never steered me wrong ! thanks in advance! KiLZo.
  5. Thanks para that helped me alot.... will chec out what the board i have will do with dual cpu! thanks man
  6. a CEL 1000 @ .13 micron or a CEL 1000 with .18 micron
  7. whats the diffrence between .13 MICRON OEM VERSION and CACHE .18 MICRON OEM VERSION I am a complete rock can anyone answr taht for me ?
  8. I am wondering if that chip will even post with all the thermal paste on the Cashe lines. Burned a 2000+ with artic silver by getting it on the cashe lines on the chip.
  9. once you let the smoke out its hard to put it back in !
  10. Wow and i thought my room was crowed with my 4 pcs and TV lol
  11. As said before ALLTEL is one of the better companys here in Virginia Beach, Version so so bad cant even talk to anyone with out dropping a call , T-Mobile if you travel outside of the US is great cause they are GSM phones No Sprint PCS isnt worth the time or money ! cause if your credit is fubard your gonna pay a 125.00 to 250.00 deposit and have a 125.00 spending limit and that means 125.00 not 125.01 the min you go over that 125.01 cent you will be turned off ... and if you get in a bind on your bill your screwed with SPC i would know i used to work for them ... i was a Network Eng . for the Eastern Switch from Northern Va to Southern NC , check altell or nextel ... but for the money you want to spend your not gonna get much .... 29.99 to 39.99 ina plan you would be best to check out alltel they have 1000atm "anytime mins" Free nite and weekends from 9pm and if your like me who works at nite then your set ... and i pay 39.99 for that plan ... SEMPER FI. KiLZo
  12. Yea i had it at 399 /466 and it would shutdown on me and do you know where i could get Coolbits ? i am running ona 4x agp slot so i am not getting the best of the best so to speak
  13. Have an FX5200 by pny and i have it overclocked by the omega drivers and i have it over clocked to 333 / 433 i know its faster then the OEM settings of 250/400 anyone have any better overclocking drivers / softward or have any luck over clocking this video card.
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