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  1. I'm in exactly the same spot as you are - so not sure, maybe it'd make you feel better anyway - as far as understand, it's a definite issue w/ a -e pro version - so I'd stay clear from that - most have the same issue (just look at newegg reviews), those that don't got mobos with c-state turned off - and it also seems to be the c-state issue (only on 'idle' is the give away) and as for the -e evo - I'm at odds here too - cannot find anything on this one, but no reviews either - newegg doesn't have them - so it must be just short of enough reviews, not as popular I've decided for P55A UD4 from Gigabyte - I'm a longtime Asus fan but this is putting me off turning c-states off is not the way to go until enough people buy -e evo - there's no way to tell - and it might be the problem w/ all -e boards too - so you might never get enough reviews GA seems good enough - SATA/USB - new - they both lack something, but it's all the same considering the devices you'd be able to use in the next 1 or 2 years
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