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    Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 motherboard | Intel i7 930 | Corsair H50 Cooling | Gigabyte GTX480 GPU | Kingston HyperX 2000 6GB Ram | Cooler Master CM690 II Advance Case | CoolerMaster UCP900 Ultimate 900w PSU | 3x Noctua NF-P14 Case Fan | Win 7 64Bit | Eizo 2240 | Samsung 205BW| Logitech G5 mouse | X-Fi Platinum Fatal1ty Champion Series | Logitech Z5400 5.1 speakers|
  1. So you are saying that the air temperature or room temperature is around 15-16c and your CPU is also reading 15-16 c. I am no expert, but that would mean the heat your cpu produces is all disappated by the H50 which i believer is not really possible. I have a H50 and I had a hell of a problem with it a few weeks ago. Have a read here if you want http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=177085 I have sorted it out, but is is never under 35c even if the ambient temperature is 20c. If the temperatures of your cpu and H50 combination is accurate, I would be so jealous. Good luck
  2. [email protected] idle! Are you sure? Is your PC inside a fridge or what? If at 4Ghz you are 15c at idle and 35c at load. You can push it to near 5Ghz and at the same time keep you warm.
  3. From what I can see, is your dram volts correct? Should it not be 1.65v? Check your specs. I have been playing with my 930 too for the last couple of weeks. I got about 85c too with 4.2. I use the H50. I am now running at 4.0 @ 1.2625v. Temps around [email protected] max load. Ram at 2000 @ 1.66v Good luck
  4. I guess you are right. I should be happy with what I have already. But I have been OCing my system lately, so it was the logical next step after a stable OCed CPU. I will have another couple of goes and if it doesn't OC that well, I will move on to my GTX480.
  5. QPI/VTT voltage is on auto @ 1.175v Should I increase that? by how much? suggestions
  6. Having OC my i7 930, I am now OCing my ram Without changing any timings or voltages, I can get the ram to go up to 2046Mhz. I want to get it to 2100mhz. I have tried increasing the voltage gradually from 1.66v to 1.8v. But after about 2 minutes of Prime95, I get BSOD. I tried increasing the timings from 9-10-9-27 (default) to 15-15-15-31. BSOD. I read in reviews that my ram could go as high as 2145Mhz. Suggestions Thanks
  7. I was fine tuning my oc for 3.69ghz. I went from 1.20v all the way to 1.14375v and prime95 gave me the BSOD!! I did at least 15 min of Prime95 on each increment. However, when I went one step up to 1.1500v, it also gave me the BSOD. Up one step to 1.15625v and after 2 hours of Prime 95....BSOD again. Now I am on 1.1625v and it is still going... When OCing your cpu, patient is much required
  8. i am just trying to see which gives lower core temps. So far, I have seen no difference between 21 or 22. 1.44v!! That's a lot of volts. Water is doing a good job. My next rig is water!! I read on the intel site that the i7 930 volt range is 0.8- 1.375v. What temps are you getting with 4.51??
  9. I've been playing with my 930 for the last 2-3 weeks and my 930's current speed is 3.69Ghz. Instead of turning turbo off as Drdeath suggested, I turned turbo on. So the multiplier is 22. 22x168=3.69 Ghz. I have set core voltage to 1.20v. My ram is at 2016Mhz @1.66v. I have been lowering my core volts from 1.22v a couple of steps at a time to get it to 1.20v. Anything lower than 1.20v I get the blue screen of death after about a few minutes of Prime 95. I got up to 4.2 ghz using 1.35v. When you increase your blk speed, dont forget to change the multiplier of your ram to lower the ram frequency. have fun
  10. good detective work on the "checking" business. when it gets colder, I will try 4.5
  11. Hey Guys, Shouldn't the difference the two stress tests be talked about on another thread? just a suggestion. Anyway, my latest achievement. i7 930 @ 4.0 Ghz i7 930 @ 4.2 Ghz at 4.2 the core temp got over 85c, so I thought to call it a day.
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