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    i7-920 [email protected] 1.3 VCORE
    6GB Mushkin DDR3-1600
    x2 WD 7.2k RPM 1 TB
    Crucial M225 256 GB
    XFX Radeon 5870
    ASUS P6T Deluxe v2
    Corsair 800D
    Corsair h50 /w 2 logisys 120mm 1.8k RPM in push pull
    Corsair HX1000W PSU
    and a dead bee
  1. I suppose it's all I can do until they come out with cochlear nerve implants Senheissers and a xonar it is then, thanks for all the input.
  2. In your experience how well have you found that effect to be simulated? Would it have any advantages over the headphone and soundcard setup as far as audio quality goes?
  3. Thanks for the input, the corsair does look like a good choice, but if possible I'd like something that can be used with a soundcard. Are there any analog surround headsets that you would recommend? Or are they are all garbage? Maybe something with an optical input instead?
  4. Either one, I like how convenient headsets are, but my first priority is sound quality and positioning. As for a budget, I'd rather not spend more than $150 on the cans, I could maybe manage $175. As for the soundcard, maybe $100-1$20 max. I'd like a setup that sounds great, but actually allows me to hear where shots and sounds are coming from within a game, a setup whose quality is proportional to its cost, without having to use speakers. Basically something that allows me to fully immerse myself in the game without really breaking the bank (without exceeding 300 bucks).
  5. My G35 just broke after about a year of near-constant use. I've been looking for something to replace it with, but after reading so many conflicting reviews, as well as hearing about how "X.1 surround in headsets is just a gimmick", etc., I'm at a complete loss. Now the Astro A40 looks good, but its price is a bitter pill to swallow, I'm also not sure if the quality will be proportional to the price, or if it will meet all of my expectations. Which brings me to my question: I'm looking for high quality sound with good audio positioning for gaming, I've tried the logitech g35 and the tritton ax360, but so far both have disappointed me. What the hell can I do/buy to get what I want here, without resorting to speakers? Do I need a soundcard for that, and if so, which one should I get? Thanks in advance
  6. Why bother? The i7-920 overclocks to 4GHz with minimal difficulty and overvolting, the D0 stepping works at 4Ghz with a vcore as low as 1.3, and it worked at 3.8GHz with a voltage that was slightly below stock (1.175 to be exact). A voltage that low isn't going to kill your proc anytime soon either. Just get a 920 along with a decent aftermarket cooler (if you're strapped for cash I'd recommend the coolermaster 212, not the best cooler there is, but pretty damn close, and for 30 bucks too) and just overclock it to 3.2GHz, you likely won't need to fiddle with voltages at all for an overclock that small, which means your proc will last that much longer in comparison.
  7. Measurement on cores, running it anywhere close to the diode temps would really kill the thing fast.
  8. The fan noise isn't very high pitched I've found, I mean it's loud, but for a frequent flier not unpleasantly so. Add a headset to the mix and you wont even notice.
  9. It was stable, I just ran a stress test with the same settings after turning off the overheat protection in realtemp. 2 Hours of prime95 and nothing happened and the temps didn't exceed 80. Thanks for your help guys ^_^
  10. I think it was stable, but I'm not sure since I had set realtemp to shut my computer down if the temps reach 80, but that was after nearly an hour. I'll run some more tests and keep you posted.
  11. Oh I see, I'll give it a shot then. Thanks for your help guys, now I think I can get 4GHz without any problems.
  12. That would really mess up the timings though, wouldn't it? (has them set to auto) Unless the multiplier and clock are inversely proportionate with RAM?
  13. From what I've heard it's best to set it up as an intake, also since it's close to the top exhaust fans it doesn't really heat up the case much.
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