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  1. Hi nice build. i would reccomend getting a 890Gx Mobo because it's future proof sata 3 and usb 3.0.(comes with onboard 7.1 sound) another thing is why not go for the 125w 965BE ? it's only a bit more. Kingston memory is good memory but corsair and g skill i think at the moment are the best memory producers. I wouldnt go for a 1tb Hard drive get 2 500gb hdds because if your 1tb fails you lost a whole lot of data. The cooler i would change for a titan fenrir because it cools better than the zalman. hope this helps
  2. Go For the 930! For a cooler i would actually avoid both of those coolers. the titan fenrir is a beast!! it's about 1c off noctuas temp and its only
  3. First of i would rather get a 790x mobo preferably a "Gigabyte" Because Usb 3.0 and sata 6Gbs hardware will cost a bit as it has only just been released. Also i would Reccomend a Western Digital Caviar black Hdd(Good Performers,but quiet!!) As you haven't stated a Gpu i would recomend Getting either 2 Xfx 5770 Graphics cards or 1 a 5870. Go for Ati At this moment in time as no Nvidia Graphics cards support dx11"yet" With the 790x chipset, It claims that it can get higher overclock which would speed up rendering and decoding. Also have a look into Amd vision! For a case I would also Reccomenf the Antec 300. 1. it is a solid case 2. Airflow i Brilliant 3. Best bang for buck Hope this Helps!!
  4. I would say get a XFX 5770( really good card!!) and either 4 Wd Caviar black in raid 6 !!
  5. Dont buy those headphones buy Astro A40's!!! i would also reccomend getting 2 Xfx 5770's. They can handle pretty much any thing you throw at them Also in Crossfirex there awesome. some reviews i have read, have said that 2 paired beat a 5970. For the case i would say the Antec 1200 is awesome it looks better than the HAF and it is super cool i would reccomend the Titan Fenrir for an air cooler. or if you want water-cooling either Go for the Corsair h50 or build your own!
  6. Have you ever wanted to tell someone what you think is a good pc? well here it is post your dream pc's with confidence!! Plz post Lol
  7. Go for a Gigabyte 890x mobo when its released also the cpu cooler is no where near as good as the titan fenrir(only costs
  8. run memtest for around 6-10 hours if any errors are found you might have a faulty stick Also have you checked the power connectors on the mobo are all the nesesary power connectors in? Again check the GPU connectors! Have you got the upto date drivers,bios? Also the Memory could be bottlenecking the Gpu Have you updated the Game that could be the problem as well as crysis has been out ages hope this helps
  9. Hi i am going to buy a new computer (obviously). please can you state any problems with the build. CASE:Antec 300 Three Hundred Ultimate Gaming Case CPU:Amd phenom ii 965BE C3 PSU:Modxtreme 600W COOLER: Corsair H50-1 MOBO: Gigabyte MA785GT-UD3H OPTICAL DRIVE:Sony 24x dvd-rw Hdd:500GB Western Digital Caviar Black Memory:4GB G.Skill Ripjaws I will be investing in a Gpu at later date for the time being i will be using the onboard 4200 gpu. Also do you know how much power the corsair h50 consumes? Thanks
  10. I have Heard that the corsair h50 is a good water cooler but is it better than the fenrir for its price? Please reply!
  11. Hi there i am looking for a cooler for my Cpu the ones i have my eye set on are the V8 And The Fenrir but which one performs better? please post
  12. Hi i have just built a pc and the cpu(Amd Phenom ii 965 BE) shoots up to 65 upwards under load. i am worried about this as it cant even do 10 seconds of the torture test on prime 95 here is my system specs Cpu: Amd Phenom ii 965 BE(STOCK FAN) Mobo: Gigabyte MA785GT-UD3H Psu: ModXtreme 600W Case:Gigabyte GZ-X6 BK http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?...amp;tid=gz-x6bk HDD:500GB Western Digital Caviar Black What i think it is, is that there is no airflow in my case. i going to buy a titan fenrir cooler anyway but could it be the case? please help me
  13. what i would say is have the front fans as intake and the back as the output. also have you checked that the fans are working? if not buy some if you can. also the coolermaster v8 isnt really a fan which you can use in exaust setups if you know what i mean. you need a fan like this http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?...;tid=ttc-nk85tz have a look.
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