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  1. I'm not accusing you of anything, but some people say don't buy it and then turn around and pirate it which proves their point... some form of DRM is necessary!



    I play a couple of Nova Logic games and have had them for years expensive at the time I bought them.

    FPS i think they are called now.

    I don't buy pirated games. I know it's done though and wish it weren't.

    money spent is to hard to earn to let a company sell you something then restrict you in the use of the product.

  2. well RR I think you lucked out ( thank God) my gf had her paypal account hacked and they almost sent some guy 1500 dollars

    she closed the account and transfered the funds out

    then a few dollrs came in and paypal wont send the 3 or 4 bucks they say they arent a bank



    we thought it was an employee actually never could prove it though

    glad you got your bucks :D

  3. To much is what kills the CPU or degrades it. It can be stock voltage or higher. I have yet to have a CPU die on me with higher than stock voltages but then again I am not pushing 1.5-2.0 volts through them either. Relaxing the timings mean to set them at a level that higher than they were specified to run at .



    Example 8-8-8-24 are your memory subtimings and to relax them would be to increase the timings Ie 9-9-9-28



    Thats the first time I have seen timings explained ccoke thanks loads!! ( at least where I could understand it ) lol

  4. Just remembered about u guys at OCC!!!!


    decided to tell u what i been up to, today(more like this week) i finished one half of my training, and got my beret! now im officially a solder from Kfir brigadei belong to lavi battalion, our battalion is young(2005), so we always have to prove our selves, our training is harder and we must do a lot more then then other battalions...


    also i got a weapon, that will be with me for all 3 years, maybe even more if ill want to stay in the army... M4!!!




    in the next video u can see my brigade, that what ill be doing for the next 3 years...



    hope my post wont cause too much flame. sorry if i hurt someone!


    no one should flame you bubba your'e serving your country ( and in a dam tough outfit) kudos!!

  5. Well, after having my .40 IWI Baby Eagle stolen out of my car I guess almost 2 years ago I got a quite unexpected call from APD (Atlanta Police Department): they recovered my pistol! I'm very surprised that it was recovered and more than excited that I will be able to take it back into my possession. Way to go, APD! This is a quite unexpected surprise and I'm obviously very thrilled. It was my first pistol and I'm pleased that I'll be getting it back! Just thought I'd share the good news.



    good for you I will never see my model 66 again :(

  6. exactly what I want to - I have a caviar black 640GB for game 'n such. for OS and apps I'd like to purchase a SSD.


    now they are superbly expensive. and by my count I need at least 50GB. that's w/o all the temp files for recoding things. addon another 10GB.


    for fun - mmmmm 1TB lol costs twice as my pC all together! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820227500 ha! (just for note - in no way am I thinking of purchasing this)... I need a sensible SSD about 100GB


    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820167016 seems a bit more tolerable then 375$ for another one. should I get it? or should I go for the bigger 100GB?


    could someone plz ell me why this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820139137 is so little compared to intel's 375$?



    I read the intel as 219 with the rebate

  7. Thanks fellows

    I passed along the praise

    She has a Sci Fi book hitting the presses in the summer release date June I believe


    Will add the title later


    it's later



    1,000 Years of War: Regime Storm

    by Marie Pacha & Mike Goodnow

  8. Sorry guys My gf wrote that and I had to share.

    I know we have felt that once or twice lol :blink:










    The applet is rotten,


    but I took a byte.


    My server just crashed

  9. Depends on what you mean by training. If you mean teaching how to handle firearms from the ground up, then no, I can't think of a single state that requires that. But many states (I would guess over half of the shall-issue states but I can't back that up without researching it) require "training" in the form of a 4-8 hour course that covers legalities of carry, use of deadly force and no-carry locations. The 8 hour courses typically require a basic demonstration of firearm proficiency, i.e. hit a 10 inch target reliably from varying distances. There are very few states that don't make you jump through several hoops in order to CC, and only two that allow it with no license.



    My two cents

    The state of South Carolina requires a trainig course by a Lic, shooting instrutor before a CC permit can be applied for.

    I dont have a CC but keep a handgun in the house and have for years. Had to use it once ( not something I want to do again) but will if I have too.


    Got rid of all my long guns, used to hunt but not any more .

    I have come to think deer have more right to life then the dummies running the streets

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