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  1. Has anyone seen this , could it be accurate? http://alienbabeltech.com/main/?p=16214
  2. I play a couple of Nova Logic games and have had them for years expensive at the time I bought them. FPS i think they are called now. I don't buy pirated games. I know it's done though and wish it weren't. money spent is to hard to earn to let a company sell you something then restrict you in the use of the product.
  3. Theres a reason I wont buy those games. I figure if I pay for it it's mine to use whan I want Greed is an ugly thing!!
  4. well RR I think you lucked out ( thank God) my gf had her paypal account hacked and they almost sent some guy 1500 dollars she closed the account and transfered the funds out then a few dollrs came in and paypal wont send the 3 or 4 bucks they say they arent a bank we thought it was an employee actually never could prove it though glad you got your bucks
  5. Thats the first time I have seen timings explained ccoke thanks loads!! ( at least where I could understand it ) lol
  6. no one should flame you bubba your'e serving your country ( and in a dam tough outfit) kudos!!
  7. good for you I will never see my model 66 again
  8. Thanks fellows I passed along the praise She has a Sci Fi book hitting the presses in the summer release date June I believe Will add the title later it's later 1,000 Years of War: Regime Storm by Marie Pacha & Mike Goodnow
  9. Sorry guys My gf wrote that and I had to share. I know we have felt that once or twice lol Computers The applet is rotten, but I took a byte. My server just crashed
  10. My two cents The state of South Carolina requires a trainig course by a Lic, shooting instrutor before a CC permit can be applied for. I dont have a CC but keep a handgun in the house and have for years. Had to use it once ( not something I want to do again) but will if I have too. Got rid of all my long guns, used to hunt but not any more . I have come to think deer have more right to life then the dummies running the streets
  11. Thats quite a weapon. I am curious as to the load it takes .
  12. the second guy has to clank when he walks ( brass pair ) lol
  13. From the cases I have seen with pop rivets you should a 1/8 th inch bit any bigger and you will have to change the replacemnet rivet size
  14. I would think anything by John Jakes would fit . Great stories wrapped around historical facts
  15. oh_fubar

    Budget PC

    http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...p;Sku=N500-3000 going to try and build this for my gf soon
  16. I am not sure but a fellow had a whine problem with an Intel board over in HTL turned out to be a power choke whining under load Intel replace it finally wasn't sure this relates but thought I'd throw it out there
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