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  1. So this is funny stuff.. well not really, but I found it pretty amusing. Well for a second anyways, then I was a tad frustrated. I am so tired right now though that I don't really care and I kinda figured as much.


    Anyways heres the 411:


    I got my Evo on 6/7/10 from Sprint.com website (This is the day it arrived on my doorstep.


    Now the Evo had a 150 dollar mail in rebate. I sent back in all my info for this rebate on 6/10/10.

    On 6/21/10 (11 days later) I get an email from Sprints rebate center that says "Dear Mr. Loggins Your rebate is being processed."

    Well first off my last name is not Loggins. It's Coggins. So I go to Sprints rebate website and I email them and tell them about this mistake. I don't want to end up getting a 150dollar rebate check and not being able to cash it because of a dumb Spelling error.


    I should add this part though cuz it's kind of important: I realized they spelt my name wrong last week. Friday to be exact: 7/9/10 (29 days since I sent the rebate form in.)

    So today just about 15mins ago I got an email back from Sprints rebate center saying: "We are pleased to inform you that your last name has been changed in our system." Yay! Excited.

    Then it goes on to say this is an exact quote: "also that your rebate is already in the final stages of validation. Once we have verified that all requirements have been met, the rebate should be mailed within 30-45 days."


    Orly now? Ok.. So you have had my rebate processing since the 21st and now its 21 days later and you still have to verify if I meet all the requirements? (Did you buy an Evo? "Check" Did you send us back this paper work? "Check" Ok all done!) Whats so hard about that.


    So Anyways it's been what? 32 days now since I sent in the rebate.

    I am still waiting on them to verify it in the last steps.. THEN guess what? "the rebate should be mailed within 30-45 days." Haha! I laughed.. Then I cried.. Then I laughed some more!


    So I am thinking sometime next year I will receive my 150dollar rebate from Sprint, and I will be able to use it to buy the next HOT SMARTPHONE!


    Anyways sorry, just needed to rant. rtfm.gif I am very tired and had a very crappy day at work last night.

    Thanks for listening! hi.gif


    sadly Sprint has been known to break it off in you

  2. I was browsing around on Flee-Bay to find a nice replacement battery for my new (Well, new to me that is) 17" G4 Powerbook and I found this ad.


    "It seemed to have ran out of Lithium"




    I am not going to lie, I literally was rolling on the floor laughing when I read this.



    and I thought I didn't much of a clue ! :woo:

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  3. Hey everyone I am looking to upgrade my graphics and eventually decided on getting a 5770. So I was looking on newegg and i saw these two, and im not sure what the difference is, all of the clocks speeds are the same. So any ideas?






    the 167.99 one lists something called RAMDAC 400mhz the other doesn't ( I couldn't begin to tell you what it is or does)

  4. which one would be better i use a flight sim a bit


    Intel Core i5-750 / 2.66GHz / 8MB Cache / LGA1156 $230


    Intel Core i5-661 / 3.33GHz / 4MB Cache / Integrated Graphics / LGA1156 $232


    that I don't know about although I think thats more a question about your GPU then the CPU

    I couldn't tell you the perfomance difference between those chips

    one of the other fellows would know keep asking

  5. I just tried installing it on a Win7 and no luck. It gave me an error when I tried opening the program. I have a mutliuser key too, but still no luck. The only reason why I would want win7 is because it connects to the server and printer with ease. I wouldn't have to call out a technician to connect everything...Other than that, would it be wise to buy the computer mentioned above and wipe out win7 and install xp?




    Disregard all that. I just tried opening QB as administrator and it worked! I just have to call in an reauthorize it like your said. Hopefully nothing will happen. I'll update this thread to indicate if it works or not after I reauthorize it.


    Thanks again!



    I think you may be able to run 7 in XP mode not sure

    or you could duel boot or maybe run a Virtual drive

  6. Okay, so I'm in the process of a new build and was wanting to image one of my hard drives and reformat it to use in another computer until i can get the OS SSD i am wanting for it. Any one know of a good imaging software that free or cheap (preferably the former). I'll take the image and put it on my server until ready to move the HDD back.


    Also any tips or tricks w/ the software will be helpful as well.


    Currently running Win XP Pro.



    Try this site for info http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=418

  7. Oh, wow :cool: That's sweet (Praz). I posted on some other forums and I've been getting the same responses, that I should upgrade to an 890FX chipset. I think I'll do that.


    As for the 5770, which manufacturer would you recommend? I know EVGA is great for nVidia. Here's the link to all of the 5770's: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&Description=5770&bop=And&Order=RATING&PageSize=100


    Thank you very much, kind sir :lol2:


    got this in email this am http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102858&nm_mc=EMC-IGNEFL051810&cm_mmc=EMC-IGNEFL051810-_-EMC-051810-Index-_-VideoCards-_-14102858-L0F


    Promo code EMCYSZW26

    159 bucks is dam good

  8. Not too much to explain about this one. I have 2 windows 7 installs, and 3 hard drives. A 640 gig WD, and 2 150 gig WD, one with just data, and the other with the OS. The 640 gig WD boots up just fine, and has windows 7 build 7100 installed. The other 150 gig WD worked just fine today, restarted a couple times and it worked, but now, it randomly stopped booting and gives me an error when I try to boot using that drive. It says GRUB Error 17. Anyone know what to do for this?



    This is the closest I could find relating to your error http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080723065124AARQIRF


    hope it helps

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