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  1. my system with a XFX Pro750 Watt PSU


    Case Lexa S

    Asus 790 Deluxe

    Phenom ll X4 925

    Saphire 5770 Vapor X x2 in Crossfire

    Seagate 500 Gig HHD

    Patriot G Series ‘Sector 5’ 2x2 Gb DDR3 1333

    Diamond Sound Card

    XFX Pro750 Watt PSU

  2. @Alexandre:

    Hey, nice seeing you here again, I think you misread, the rs-9 has more fans in it (it has 6) the lexa s has only 5 (from what is written), I have an am3 chipset so no problems there :D



    Really really nice take on my situation, for the looks I'd really go with the lexa s, and for the price, they are priced here for about the same amount (the lexa s costs like $5 more I think, no biggie)



    Oh there really is a lot of room in it? all the while I thought the case was cramped (with concerns to the right side of the case) since I've read that squeezing the cables on the rightside was kinda difficult (accdg to some of the reviews)


    Thanks for all the replies guys, will still be waiting for more input from other people, other case suggestions and what not would be great too :)




    better read those specs again ticktock 4 of those fans listed for the rs 9 are optional

    and only one is in the lexa

  3. same here no fan error settings in my bios either

    this thingy is a M2N78-LA ( violet) made by Asus I think



    reasons for not connecting the rear case fan to the MO , the case comes with fan controllers , can't use them with the MO

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