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  1. $3.37 in Harpers Ferry WV and going up every 2 days it seems like , over 4 in the DC area
  2. I am using Live Mail , Yahoo, and Thunderbird
  3. I just got this one and really like it a bunch http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826254001
  4. Good for him! I would be interested to see the final outcome. Personally I like the fact that a little guy slid it into one of the big boys. ( no lube either)
  5. guess she doesn't know turkey's lay eggs but then she is a blonde!!
  6. my system with a XFX Pro750 Watt PSU Case Lexa S Asus 790 Deluxe Phenom ll X4 925 Saphire 5770 Vapor X x2 in Crossfire Seagate 500 Gig HHD Patriot G Series ‘Sector 5’ 2x2 Gb DDR3 1333 Diamond Sound Card XFX Pro750 Watt PSU
  7. My sister lives in Largo I hate going to visit just because of the traffic on 19 lol
  8. Hey browning crazy nate has a build guide here , it covers a great deal check it out http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=155400
  9. I would read this before you lay down any money http://www.dailytech.com/Motorola+Xoom+ … e20845.htm
  10. Hey doopy I am curious have you tried that keyboard ? what did you think of it?
  11. better read those specs again ticktock 4 of those fans listed for the rs 9 are optional and only one is in the lexa
  12. hiya ticktock I have a Lexa S and am quite happy with it . Cool and quiet with the 4 fans it comes with , plenty of room in there also good luck with your pick
  13. I agree with The Smith bacon but mine is pepper cured
  14. I sorta had a bad mouth when I was younger , when the kids got old enough to start repeating me I changed it a bit and said ( oh_fubar instead of , well you guys know) Then I started learning about ( make that trying) and considering my skill levels oh_ fubar it is!!
  15. Congrats Fellows !! merry Christmas All!
  16. well there's always someone who doesn't believe the truth when it bites em in the butt. Its a shame those that think it was a fake do in fact live a rock . that or their head is so far up their tail they need a proctologist for a haircut
  17. I am no expert TP but just by the specs and features the MSI looks like the better card and since I read the comparison that's the way I voted your poll
  18. Hi Ken I have a Lexa S , not sure about the rails but I got help here for a problem . These NZXT reps are pretty decent http://www.nzxt.com/forum/
  19. Hey Bubba I have a Lexa S and believe the fan controls are the same the fans should be marked 1 or 2 and the connections should be coming fron the controller board marked the same can't remember the exact hook up but have the pdf I can send you if you want it
  20. same here no fan error settings in my bios either this thingy is a M2N78-LA ( violet) made by Asus I think reasons for not connecting the rear case fan to the MO , the case comes with fan controllers , can't use them with the MO
  21. this is interesting to me . Have had the same problem since I moved everything from the HP case into a Lexa S I didn't connect any of the case fans to the motherboard at all . Would that cause the error?
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