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  1. USER NAME::ITEM::BOUGHT/SOLD::POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE:: COMMENTS smduff MSI P67 GD 65 Good seller got my new board today
  2. check this out Iviy http://www.techbargains.com/news_displayItem.cfm/255028?r=1
  3. I hope you guys haven't been taken for a ride was really looking at that processor for myself , glad I waited now
  4. looks fine Nuclear you have some real skills
  5. yup but make sure the PSU isn't pluged in when you insert the wire
  6. bought from TraptPatriot Bouight 8 GB of G.Skill Ripjaws Price was great and arrived as stated More the happy with the deal\ Good seller Thanks
  7. nor 120 days only to be released in 1 day It amazes me that the courts put up with the sense of entitlement those clowns have
  8. thinking you didn't really need a night light speed lol
  9. Thats cool Waco congrats!!
  10. oh_fubar

    I'm new here

    Welcome to OCC \There is a huge knowledge base here Tap it at will
  11. That guy should ask Bubba the Butt Bandit to pay for the Operation
  12. Just a thought but have you gotten the right drivers and deleted the old?
  13. Hey Speed I lived in SC for years and believe the law says 2.5 inches for a folding blade just moved back in fact
  14. Very nice Wevs I am going to move back south this week end South Carolina has some great lakes for Bass really don't want to move but after seeing that I can see some benefits lol
  15. excellent idea Captain kudos to the members that choose to join you I know that I won't be the only avid reader of those tutorials
  16. 10:01 EST lol I am picking the 7 of Diamonds nice thing to do Panda thanks for the chance
  17. here is a site Speed not sure what it is worth though may give you some ideas http://www.fadedgiant.net/
  18. I voted , prefer Labs , Newfies over those yip yaps
  19. Having been in a house fire as a kid , I would replace that dam stove . 1800 watts doesn't sound like much but remember that is a confined space and the heat really has no real escape Just my 2 cents worth good luck with it!
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