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    User Ratings.

    USER NAME::ITEM::BOUGHT/SOLD::POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE:: COMMENTS smduff MSI P67 GD 65 Good seller got my new board today
  2. oh_fubar

    Tempting SSD

    check this out Iviy http://www.techbargains.com/news_displayItem.cfm/255028?r=1
  3. I hope you guys haven't been taken for a ride was really looking at that processor for myself , glad I waited now
  4. oh_fubar

    CM 690 II Advanced Mod

    looks fine Nuclear you have some real skills
  5. oh_fubar

    Use PSU with out Computer

    yup but make sure the PSU isn't pluged in when you insert the wire
  6. oh_fubar

    User Ratings.

    bought from TraptPatriot Bouight 8 GB of G.Skill Ripjaws Price was great and arrived as stated More the happy with the deal\ Good seller Thanks
  7. oh_fubar

    !!!! WHO CARES!!!

    nor 120 days only to be released in 1 day It amazes me that the courts put up with the sense of entitlement those clowns have
  8. oh_fubar

    OFFICIAL "I just did the dumbest thing!" Thread

    thinking you didn't really need a night light speed lol
  9. oh_fubar

    Finally done!

    Thats cool Waco congrats!!
  10. oh_fubar

    I'm new here

    Welcome to OCC \There is a huge knowledge base here Tap it at will
  11. oh_fubar

    All kinds of wrong...

    That guy should ask Bubba the Butt Bandit to pay for the Operation
  12. oh_fubar

    How to install a 560gtx card

    Just a thought but have you gotten the right drivers and deleted the old?
  13. oh_fubar

    Knife carry length.

    Hey Speed I lived in SC for years and believe the law says 2.5 inches for a folding blade just moved back in fact
  14. oh_fubar

    For All My Fellow Fishing Enthusiasts

    Very nice Wevs I am going to move back south this week end South Carolina has some great lakes for Bass really don't want to move but after seeing that I can see some benefits lol
  15. excellent idea Captain kudos to the members that choose to join you I know that I won't be the only avid reader of those tutorials
  16. oh_fubar

    BluePanda's First Contest

    wtg zack enjoy!
  17. oh_fubar

    BluePanda's First Contest

    10:01 EST lol I am picking the 7 of Diamonds nice thing to do Panda thanks for the chance
  18. oh_fubar

    Old books.

    here is a site Speed not sure what it is worth though may give you some ideas http://www.fadedgiant.net/
  19. oh_fubar

    Vote for my dog

    I voted , prefer Labs , Newfies over those yip yaps
  20. oh_fubar

    Cabinet below integrated oven is charcoal

    Having been in a house fire as a kid , I would replace that dam stove . 1800 watts doesn't sound like much but remember that is a confined space and the heat really has no real escape Just my 2 cents worth good luck with it!
  21. oh_fubar

    Bosco's SSD Contest

    wtg Clay 200th alternative ?
  22. oh_fubar

    Bosco's SSD Contest

    lets try 498