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    Fishing Reading collect carnival glass new interest learning to build a computer
  1. oh_fubar

    About pulled a Waco

    well thank goodness for a good nose!!
  2. oh_fubar

    New Rig (Sorta)

    looking good Trap
  3. oh_fubar


    cool little thing kinda a cat person too got two here that are mine she is looking like GPU to me lol
  4. oh_fubar

    Wired Waco

    their checking his overclock I bet
  5. oh_fubar

    Alpha Test Demo for my upcoming game!

    I couldn't see the whole thing either but jumping helped. Reminds me of those "Pink Panther" cartoons
  6. oh_fubar

    New here, need help of someone from Atlanta

    here you go Micro Center Powers Ferry Plaza 1275 Powers Ferry Rd. SE, Suite 50, Marietta, GA 30067 Phone: (770) 859-1540 right in Atlanta
  7. oh_fubar

    Tebowmania coming to NY!

    I just heard that on TV still doubt the Jets are going for it since they missed that section lol
  8. oh_fubar

    Tebowmania coming to NY!

    the trade could still blow up for the Denver , they are now asking for 5 mil on top of the draft picks
  9. oh_fubar

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    Just picked up 2X Seagate Barracudas 500 Gb brand new for 40 bucks for both. A local repair shop is going out of business
  10. oh_fubar

    Which Movies Are You Wating For

    Those are all worth waiting for . The one I most want to see is the " John Carter of Mars" I read all the books when I was a kid. Great reads!
  11. oh_fubar

    My FX 8150 Overclock

    Damn impressive Taco really impressive
  12. oh_fubar

    Request: Info about RAM

    you could may find some of the answers here http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=30747
  13. oh_fubar

    User Ratings.

    Positive ccokeman Made a trade and I am very pleased with the deal and with the way it was handled. Would have no problems buying or trading with him again!
  14. oh_fubar

    2011 OCC Christmas Contest

    congrats to the winners!!
  15. oh_fubar

    Merry Christmas

    Have a safe and Merry Christmas everyone!