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  1. Hello Friends. I am in a bit of dilemma, and this question comes purely out of curiosity. I was running Furmark 1.9 (Standard 720P bench) on some of my Machines to get a idea about their Performance. Guess what, 8570m Scored 303, Onboard 6520G scored 400! To give you an idea, here are the specs of machines- HP G002AX AMD A8 6410 @ 2Ghz, Turbo 2.4 (Beema) (Onbiard R5 Gfx disabled) Dedicated 8570m, 384 GCN shaders, 650mhz core, 900mhz memory 4GB Ram 1TB HDD Furmark 1.9- 303. Acer 5560 AMD A6-3420m @ 1.5 ghz. LLano Onboard 6520g, 320 VLIW shaders, 400mhz core. No dedicated mem, 666mhz system ram, 8GB Ram 1TB HDD Furmark 1.9- 400. As you can see, the 8570 appears to have a clear advantage, mathematically. The CPU, GPU shaders, Clock speeds, everything!. Of course, both Machines were plugged in, Power profile set to HIGH PERFORMANCE and ATI power play to MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE. Please guide regarding the anomaly.
  2. Dear all, I am pleased to bring you, The Honest, Most detailed and Practical review of Seagate 1TB LAPTOP SSHD. The Prologue- One fine morning, I wake up to discover that my Primary Desktop computer was dead. All said and done, I had made my mind that this time, my primary computer will be a Laptop, and that did happen. Excitement aside, Moving to laptop also had a few let-downs, and the major one was HDD performance. My desktop PC had some very nice Black edition Drives in RAID 0. As a result, I was able to get SUBSTAINED File copy speeds of 250MB/s and Burst speeds of over 400MB/s. Moving to Laptop's Non-RAID , slow Storage made me feel very claustrophobic. The buy- I had an eye on Seagate's new Hybrid Disks since long. I have spent better part of my Sundays reading reviews and browsing the forums about this revolutionary product. However the earlier models were just 500GB (Seagate Momentus XT) and price was hard to digest. After a few months, Snapdeal offered me to buy the 1TB SSHD model for just a shade over 8k. I booked it immediately and the product was delivered within 3 days. Mind you, seagate did not send the retail package with retail BOX and manual, But an OEM product in Antistatic Bag , Brown cardboard and some bubble wrap. Perhaps the reason it was so cheap. Install- (windows 7 Ultimate 64) I was of thought that i'd restore my System image and be Happy within 20 Minutes. Wrong. After burning the Midnight oil and many failed installs, I figured out that Seagate SSHD is not friendly to Clone or Image installs. Take my word for it. You WILL need a fresh install for it to work, and Internet if full of such episodes. Performance- So here's what you people were waiting for. I Started copying my well over 800GB of DATA. I started in the Morning at 7.30 and the copy had suceeded by night 9pm. Quite longer than I had expected but system was rock stable. The copy was from SONY 1TB USB 3 HDD which gave speeds of around 45~65 MB/s. The Maximum Temperature I had seen was 46.c after a full days of Excersize. Perhaps the performance will open up after the Drive LEARNS usage patterns and caches them. And soon enough, its true after a couple of Restarts, the system boots to desktop in 22 sec. Regular programs like Opera Browser, Messenger, Open office, Desktop widgets, system monitor pop up in a blink. I am finally getting the pleasure of High end RAID array on a laptop. However, the substained speeds and long file transfers still remain a dream. Benchmarks- I have attatched ATTO disk mark screenshots for you. At first I was astonished to see bursts of 450MB/s. As result I ran the benchmark 3~5 times, but the results were consistent. I guess that the SSHD uses pretty high quality NAND cache with Read speeds over 400MB/s. A pat to Seagate on this one. Summary- What I liked- System Boots in 22.sec Regular Programs Pop out in no time Cool operation compared to previous Gen Momentus XT 7200 RPM Less power consumption and decent battery life. Very snappy system FEEL What I didn't like- Non cached Transfers fall back to usual 70~90 MB/s of traditional laptop HDD Spindle speeds of only 5400 RPM opposed to Previous Gen 7200 RPM. Quite Expensive in India compared to USA and Europe. OEM product available compared to Retail BOX as advertised by Seagate. Should you buy one? HELL YEAH! Links- http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/reviews/178709-samsung-np355e5x-honest-review-oc-amd-apu-vision-e1-1-4ghz-amd-7310-2gb-ddr3-500gb.html
  3. Actually..... I am going to Totally......thoroughly Mod this lappy.... Pics and instructable coming up....... Kee your eyes peeled!!!!!!!!!! And I make nicer Coolers then Coolermaster.......as ya all will soon know this sunday.
  4. Great... I was giving 120 MB/s on Bigger clusters, Now its 118 MB/s....... I think I can live with lesser 2MB/s... Thanks for your interest. Have a nice day.
  5. Here are the Updated links- http://www.gadgetsguru.in/hp-pavillion-dv8...india-1351.aspx http://www.laptopviews.com/hp-laptops/hp-p...16tx-laptop-pc/ Don't look at the pics...They're wrong. Specs are correct tough The upgrade is 4GB 667Mhz RAM, Dual 7200 RPM Seagate in RAID 0. You're right about buying a spare fan, But as in India, I just can't hope. Even Original Fans are not available, forget the Cheap ones. I was Sure thinking putting a 100ohm Resistor in between, But this one is a 4 Wire fan. Which wire shall I slice? And one more thing, can this Lappy be upgraded to USB 3.0?
  6. Ok, So I painfully Formatted the array, and created a new one with 512 setting. It Works! I used to loose about 2GB per 10GB... now its very efficient! Very fast! Thread maybe Closed please
  7. Hello Folks, I have HP DV8000 Laptop With the following spec- http://www.techshout.com/laptops/2006/07/h...216tx-notebook/ As monster as it is... I am very happy with it.. Esp Dual 7200 RPM HDDs in RAID 0. The one and only thing I hate is... the fan! Its almost always running (except the coldest winter nights) and Annoys me with great deal of noise. This is the situation since day 1, So Its safe to assume HP designed it that way. I've tried cleaning with compressed air, Running it without OS and etc... Same. No Bios settings provided for fan. Now as the warranty is over, Can I hard-mod the fan to a lower voltage? I've done this 7v and 5v mods on MANY of desktop fans... Peace and quiet......Works flawlessly! But with a laptop? Whats your say?
  8. Thanks for finding that nemo! What DO i remember is, I gave some Manual Strip size During creation of stripped partition... It was 4k or 32k something like that. Any utility that can tell me what I've set? I don't think its 64k
  9. Hello Gurus, I have set up RAID 0 on my laptop via Windows Dynamic Disk. The hard disks are 2X Seagate Momentus 7200 RPM, 8MB buffer ones. Everything is great... and system is lightning fast! However, I cannot remember what strip size i've set during the setup. Is there a way to confirm the stripe size? I won't dare erase the data and go over again. Also... This strip size seems to be causing lot of waste... My 8.0GB folders Shot up to 9.5GB in 'Size on disk" notification.
  10. Thanks.... More opinions please?
  11. Hello dear all, I am using this Mobo for my primary desktop- MSI k8nGM2 FID Read more about it here- http://www.hardwarezone.com/articles/view....d=1&id=1869 http://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?t=2502 Its paired with an AMD manchester 3800 X2. Transced DDR 1 RAM 400 Mhz, 128 Bit dual channel. 1 TB Quad raid array.... Geforce 9800 GT etc.... Now the RAM is 1GB.......2 Sticks of 512 MB for Dual channel. Everything is stock and PC working like a champ for these years. yeah yea... 1 Gb is very skimpy so i decided to upgrade it.... MOBO has 4 slots, 2 of them filled with 512MB ones... So what are my upgrade options... IF i put 1 GB new sticks in remaining Two slots... Will RAM become 3GB... and everything like DUAL CHANNEL work properly? Or will I have to buy 4 sticks of 512 anew?
  12. Thanks for the help... I just made myself a fan controller.... Coool!
  13. And few things more gig, 1> system restore is turned off 2> How to disable Paging? (I did it from System>advanced>Performance....> NO paging file) That enough? But I still see windows use some Virtual memory (in everest ultimate edition) 3>What other temp/Page locations are you aware of? 4>I am using CCleaner to remove temp, MFT, Freespace files with US DoD 3 pass overwrite once a week. Any way i can scamble timestamps of the Dummy files it uses to Clean freespace? 5> Defrag and Scandisk comes in every fortnight.
  14. Gig, You really deserve that 'great' prefix... I' went through all of the truecrypt manuals online (over 50 pages i think); and that too, thoroughly. I feel truecrypt is really the best. But there is a catch...and a BIG one that. As per the nature of my job(freelance) ... I need to move around a lot (and so my laptop and data on it). That Includes through Airports, Security cabins etc.. and ya' know.. those cheap security chaps are notoriously instructed to 'Check' your laptops and everything with it. And any signs of encryption software (Eg. Truecrypt) or some encrypted archive is <<<<<<<< RED ALERT!!!>>>>>>>>>> for them. Get my point? 7Zip passes on as 'not so interesting' software and i can avoid the embarrassment of explaining and showing my Encrypted files.. Any more ideas gig?
  15. Hello all, Sorry if it has been discussed before.. I used search but could'nt find exactly what i wanted. I work as an accountant and deal with sensitive files all day. My natural choice is to encrypt them. So i use 7 Zip to create an encrypted archive with AES 256. Some of the articles i read made me give this a second thought..... 1>How secure is 7 Zip encryption anyways? Are there any Backdoors etc for some hacker/Security agency to exploit? 2>Most of such softwares use a sort of TEMP folder for working....(7Zip uses too) Which means plain text copies of my work can be found here. 3>The data could also be found in pagefile, Prefetch, LOG or some other forms of virtual memory that is outside mine or Encryption program's authority. What could be the solution?. 4>7 Zip creates a .TMP file in the current folder, then deletes it on completion of task. Can this .TMP be recovered and Files discovered? 5> Where Should i wipe other 'traces' of my data...locations which i don';t know about...?/// My data mostly consists of TXT, DOC, PDF, JPG etc...
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