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  1. Yeah this is bad advice, you should be coding for IE8 and fixing backwards compatibility with IE7, not the other way around.
  2. They address that complaint in the comments: Makes sense to me.
  3. lol its been 6 months and you haven't added a single piece of content. Let this be a lesson to anyone starting a website; the process should go thus: 1) Have an idea for a great web site 2) Come up with content 3) Make web site The way it SHOULDN'T go was nicely illustrated by this thread: 1) Make web site 2) Struggle to think of an idea for a web site 3) Come up with content You need to actually have content for a site before you can make one, people just seem to make sites for the sake of it, which is why blogs are so popular I guess.
  4. Um no it's not okay, you're skewing the results. (I'm not sure how you come to the conclusion that you're NOT skewing them, to be honest.) Heads and tails should have an equal chance to show up, <= 0.5 means that one has a higher chance of showing than the other, which is inaccurate. It's pretty basic maths. For it to be even you'd need: 0.0000 - 0.4999 = heads 0.5000 - 0.9999 = tails This way, each side has 5000 possible ways to win, instead of your suggested approach which would give heads 5001 ways to win and tails 4999 ways to win. 5001/4999 != 50/50.
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