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    E6700 OC to 3.30Ghz
    Evga 260 core 216 superclocked OC to 676/1444/1150
    4 Gig ram
    Big typhoon cooler
    Antec 550 truepower trio
  1. I loved the Corsair H50 when it came out as well as many other products that corsair came out with. But the performance of the Corsair H50 really impressed me and the ease of instillation......
  2. I have a cooler master 550 watt right now not enough for another video card.... CPU: phenom II 555be MOBO: MSI 870a fuzon CPU Cooler: noctua NH-D14 I won from this sight.... RAM: 8 gigs corsair 1600 ram GPU:MSI GTX460 cyclone 1 gig PSU: XFX Pro750 Watt PSU !!!!!!! If i win !!!!!!! Case: cooler master 690 II advanced
  3. power51

    Nice and cheap!!!!

    Just what it says above..
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