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  1. I was wondering if this setup would work, dvi to hdmi x2 and then display port to hdmi? Im using the asus hd 6870, which has two dvi ports and two display ports. The monitors i have have vga and hdmi but no display port or dvi port.
  2. I have still been looking around at cases the last couple of days and now I am considering the NZXT Phantom. The reviews that i have seen said that it was a really good case, what do you guys think ?
  3. I haven't been playing games on pc very long but i noticed it while playing Bad Company 2. Ever since then i started using vsync on every game that i play.
  4. Not really a huge fan of the water cooling, well at least not now. I want full tower case with great cable management, a lot of room for future graphics cards, and also something that runs kinda low temps. So anything that falls into that would be of great help.
  5. If i were you i would wait till Bulldozer comes out. The price of everything else will probably drop, so you can get it cheaper or even run Bulldozer if it doesn't cost a lot. Other than that, the build looks very solid.
  6. No problem and let me know if that works out for you.
  7. Yeah. I think it was like $10 maybe. Once i used that it installed fine.
  8. One problem I had when downloading a copy of windows 7 from msdnaa was that the download was bad. No matter how many times I tried it the disk that I would burn the iso image to never worked. So i had them send me a copy and didn't have a problem. It might be the same problem, windows would copy the files from the disk to the hard drive then it would reboot. When it rebooted it would go to the "log on" screen but nothing would come up for me to continue the install.
  9. I had the BlackWidow and I returned it because the space bar was rubbing the left "alt" key and some of the keys stopped working after about a week of normal use. I then decided just to get a mechanical keyboard without a back light. Leopold Keyboard
  10. I might just have to take a trip to micro center and decide what case I like the best. I am really leaning towards the Thermaltake Level 10 GT. I have seen a couple reviews on Newegg.com where people said there temps have dropped moving from the Haf series to the Level 10 GT. Also if you guys know of any other full tower cases that are better than the ones i am talking about let me know. Thanks so much for your help.
  11. I was thinking about buying a new case. I want to know what you guys think would be a better buy, the Cooler Master Haf X or the Thermaltake level 10 GT Snow Edition? (money is not an issue). Thank you for your replies.
  12. I agree. A third party software might help a little bit but i would still be annoyed with how it looks. I think that is one reason why i haven't went to a multiple monitor setup.
  13. +1 I looked on the AMD website as well as newegg.com and couldn't find a single 5770 that wasn't 1GB. I would contact the manufacturer and get an rma.
  14. Here is a review of the above two keyboards. Stay away from Razer , i had the black widow ultimate edition and some of the keys stopped working in less than four hours.
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