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  1. Hello, As the title say What do you want to see in Vista SP1? Me I want it to not matter(in gaming) if you have UAC on or off & an easier way to turn off Aero.
  2. danmartin

    Card reader?

    When you have a card reader on a computer running Windows, generally it will pre-assign drive letters to the various card slots on the reader. In my case, my reader on my computer since I have four different slots for different types of flash memory,I have 4 drives that show up with drive letters pre-assigned in My Computer.When I stick a card in the card reader, I just have to open up the appropriate pre-assigned drive that has the card. If I choose the wrong one,then it tells me there is nothing there.So, you should have a bunch of drives in My Computer that are associated with that card reader. You should be able to try each one when the card is inserted and eventually find the proper one.And depending on how your settings are configured in Windows, you should potentially get a dialog box that pops up when Windows detects the card giving you a bunch of options as to what you can do with the card...one of them usually being open up the card in Windows Explorer.
  3. danmartin

    network via ethernet.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Vista displays "Unidentified Network" when it cannot find a gateway to the outside world.Looking at your link details supports my supposition, as no gateway is listed. This is kind of required to get access outside of your local subnet in this case, the internet.Looking a second time shows your IP address as a 169 number.That indicates, to me, that DHCP isn't working.It seems to me that you might want to contact your campus IT department and find out what is necessary to get you going.