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  1. I'd buy that if I hadn't already seen fifty hillbillies with XJ6/XJSs swapped over. To make it truly original it needs an LS3 and a six-speed.
  2. I don't currently own a Jaguar, and I am far from a Jaguar elitist, but if you wanted something easy to get parts for, why didn't you just buy a Chevy to begin with? I love Chevy 350s...in Chevrolets. Either way, do you have any pictures of this "abomination?"
  3. FAIL Let me get this straight, you've built enough computers and are knowledgeable enough to be one of the more respected members of this forum, but you can't get the original Jaguar engine to purr? Don't give me the "but British car electrics are junk!" BS. I had Lucas electrics figured out by the time I graduated high school.
  4. Then why did you even bother to post?
  5. Asus P6T? Cheap & feature packed...plenty of PCI/PCIe slots as well as triple channel memory, supports up to 24GB RAM, and only about $230.
  6. That's an interesting feature, my current machine assigns all of them to F drive and my mother's old machine would be a guessing game. Cool.
  7. After I finish building my studio PC, I'd like to turn my current machine into an HTPC, and this card looks like a perfect fit. Another great review, thanks for making it easier on those of us who are just getting our feet wet in the world of PC building. All too often magazine reviewers pad scores to appease their advertisers, but the OCC reviewers pull no punches. It's quite refreshing.
  8. Hmmm, cheap, attractive, and runs on 64-bit Windows 7? I'm sold, thank you!
  9. Yes, thank you I can use Google but I was asking if there was a specific brand you recommended...some, like Bytecc, apparently don't work too well.
  10. No, but this only happens when I use the 7600GT instead of the on-board graphics.
  11. I'm using the blue HDMI output on the card, should I look into an adapter? I am looking at a new card in a few weeks anyhow.
  12. That's a postwar Packard, correct?
  13. Camshaft

    Cam's Worklog

    Weird, huh? The bezel it's monted in is straight, but for whatever reason, the fan is turned sideways. I didn't put it there, so I cannot speak for the installation, but it seems to cool fine. @dr_bowtie: Thanks! Here's a better picture of him:
  14. On my system, my EVGA e-GeForce 7600 GT has made the screen blink intermittently, and eventually causes it to go grayscale and only show the bottom 1/4 of my screen. Is it dying? It's an HP Pavilion a6433w.
  15. Hi, I was looking at a new card reader for the new case I'm looking to buy. I need it to fit in an Antec 900 case without modification, as well as work with an Asus P6T motherboard. Does that motherboard accept a floppy drive connector? Are there any combination floppy drives/card readers that are worth buying? Thanks.
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