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    AMD Phenom II 940 3.0 GHz @ 3.7 GHz 1.475V /w CoolerMaster V8
    4 GB Corsair Twin X Matched Pair @ Stock + 0.1V
    Northbridge Stock + 0.05V
    ATI Radeon 4890
    2 x Seagate 500 GB Sata HD in RAID0
  1. Hi all. I've been building/fixing PCs my entire life (26 now), and I've always used this site as a trusted source for info. So, I figured it was time to join up. Just throwing a message to say greetings and to say that I can hopefully be an active and helpful member of OCC. Well that's it for now, no time for blabber. Oh, on a side note, I'm just getting in to overclocking and I was wondering if someone would just pot up real quick if my system looks like it is OCd properly (just from my system sig. Thanks! Ciao for now. torm3nt Doug Peters Sig didn't show up yet, incorrect settings, so I edited it in. And then out again
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