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  1. Just to see if it was the pump making the difference I tried running water on that same pump and the mil-spec hydro was still 2C cooler than water. It only ran for about 30min though before the pump shorted out. I opened it up and found out that the electronics in the pump are cooled by the liquid that run though it, I guess it's just more proof that hydro is non-conductive and that distilled water is not. Looks like the local landfill is getting another chunk of metal.
  2. I got the pump from work, upgrades came in so they where getting rid of the old stock, so I called in to ask what the pump was. Apparently the reason it has no markings is because it is custom built, they did give me the specs though. It has a min bar of 5 and a max of 40 and a min flow rate of 8GPM and a max of 30GPM, I had it running at about 8bar which is 115psi at flow rate of about 12GPM. EDIT: it is positive displacement
  3. I don't have any of the specs for the pump, it is quite old and has no labels or bar-codes left on it. I will try to find out what it is and post it.
  4. I did use a different pump, my swiftech MPC655 would never be able to pump hydro. In stead I use a dual piston hydro pump. Yes that may have been what cased the lower temps. But, that would not explain why I got 6C higher on one fluid and 4C lower on the next than water. That would lead me to believe that it is in the hydro fluid that I was using and not the pump.
  5. For those of you who may wonder, I was using a Watercool HK rev3.0 and a Koolance MB-EVX58CF (EVGA X58 Classified) Kit. I don't have a cooler on my gpu because it is in the mail.
  6. I got slapped with drunken disorderly once for helping a drunk friend back to his dorm, needless to say I disputed it and it didn't hold. But ya Security Forces are known for for having their heads up their asses.
  7. For the difference between hydro fluids that is not likely as I was using the same pump for both. But for the difference with water that may be.
  8. lol, I didn't know I was trying to win something. The next question is... what did I win?
  9. OK, here are the results, I ran this test with two different hydro fluids to see the differences. After getting everything set up I first used some oil based hydro that I got at an auto shop here. Results where not that great, 6C hotter than my distilled water. Then I tried whatever the mil-spec hydro is that I use at work, the results where much better. It was running 4C cooler than on distilled water and the system was still running stable after a 6 hour test in Prim95, the only problem is the pump I am using sounds allot like a small generator lol. I had foam ear plugs on under my headset and finally got a visit from security forces telling me to turn it off. The final conclusion is, yes, the mystery hydro was working better than water, but it was way to loud and would not be feasible unless I get a much quieter pump. Time to switch back to water and wait for my gpu block to get here. ________________ For the person b4 that said there is no such thing as non-conductive fluid there defiantly is. 3M's Flourinert is non-conductive but at $500 a gallon it is not worth it and the mil-spec hydro fluid that I used is also non-conductive, tested it at work numerous times. Also, Flourinert stays non-conductive even with minor impurities. ________________ Back on the topic of the toxicity of hydro, I know it is toxic and yes we do turn it into hazmat when we are done with it on the line... but since my hair is full of this stuff I really don't care. ________________ For the person that stated that I must be a mechanic, you are right. I am an aircraft mechanic and I work on A-10s, I also have a college degree in computer engineering and have been working with computers for years. So I do at least have a clue about what I am doing.
  10. Just to let you guys know I have a dual piston hydro pump and 1/2" steel braid tubes (don't ask). I'm also not sure what type of hydro fluid I am using, it is the same stuff we use on the A-10s here. I will install it all and run some tests.
  11. Toxicity is not a problem for me, I get soaked in this stuff at work. I also have a feeling the reason it is not used in cars is because of it's toxic nature. Thanks for the input though, I will have to run some tests to find out how much heat it can transfer.
  12. I am in the process of getting a liquid cooling system for my computer and am wondering if hydraulics fluid can be used as coolant, and if it can is it a good idea. The hydraulics fluid I have access to is non-conductive and non-corrosive, which is a good start. But, does hydraulics fluid have good heat conductivity and would it mess up a pump or rubber tubing? I know different types of hydraulics fluid will have different levels of heat conductivity, but does anyone know how an oil based one would compare to distilled water. If anyone has experimented with this before please let me know how it turned out.
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