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  1. What is the disadvantage when PCI-E 2.0 video cards is plugged in a PCI-E 1.0 slot????
  2. I was wondering if anyone can suggest awesome PCI-E 1.0 cards on the market today. I found this card: http://www.powercolor.com/global/products_features.asp?id=214 apparently it will the core speed will run at full instead of half.
  3. This is a very budget beginner overclocking rig. I was wondering if anyone can recommend any AM2/AM2+ motherboards that supports ATI crossfire. Only hi-end part in this rig is the ATI Radeon 5970 video card.
  4. Well thanks for the help guys. Can't wait until everyone's recommendations.
  5. I usually check these two sites (ALOT): http://www.infonec.com/site/main.php http://www.canadacomputers.com/
  6. Someone from online is selling it, and I was thinking about building my gaming rig around i7 intel processor. after reading ur opinion...I'm having second guesses because I have a ATI Radeon 5970. I really want this video card to run at its fun potential.
  7. Should I get this motherboard? I'm getting this motherboard for $150 and most computer stores sale it for $250 to $280. http://www.intel.com/products/desktop/moth...SO-overview.htm Is this worth it? and this is my first time making a gaming rig.
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