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  1. A friend of mine is upgrading her computer piece by piece (on a very low budget, I might add.) We got her an ATI 9550 that worked for awhile. Today, we got her new RAM (Kingston, 512MB). After getting the RAM installed, the 9550 doesn't seem to work with her machine. i.e., the monitor shows no signal from the card. The monitor works fine when it's plugged into the onboard video and the 9550 works fine in other machines, so I'm not sure what the issue is. Any suggestions?
  2. I presume the R520's are to be PCI-E?
  3. I'm just really surprised that they're coming out so soon and there's not tons of hype yet. I guess I'm just used to waiting and waiting after months after the hype starts (HL2.. x800XTPE, etc)
  4. I've heard that they're to be released first quarter of 2005.
  5. Awesome, Nuclear. Great info. And yeah.. I'm looking into how to flash it right now Silenc3. Got any good links on "tutorials?" [edit]Just found a link on www.virtual-octane.com [/edit]
  6. Thanks for the adivce. I don't have it flashed, no. I have been considering it, though.
  7. I've been searching around because I'm thinking of going to x850XT PE with xmas money and the such, but I keep reading posts on other forums that it's useless to get it since the R500 is coming out not too long after the x850. What's the difference? Should I wait? [edit]Will I need a new mobo for the PCI-E?[/edit]
  8. Thank god I haven't had to screw with these fella's yet!
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    Cool! Only two more hours.
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    I'm guess it's EST?
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    Is it going at midnight tonight? What's the exact time, cause I'll most certainly be up.
  12. I'm reading Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh. Read it and/or see the movie.
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