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  1. GL1

    RIP Verran

    Still miss ya B! Wish we could have another long chat. Someday!
  2. GL1

    RIP Verran

    Happy birthday B.
  3. GL1

    RIP Verran

    Still talk to him every day. Miss ya!
  4. GL1

    Remembering Verran Contest

    Thanks Dave, we'd really appreciate that. I'm not part of the contest so here's my favorite Verran post: "But, do I believe in macro-evolution? No, not really. What I've always believed ends up falling more under micro than macro, according to the classifications I found above. I've always had a problem with evolution in the sense that if humans came from apes, why don't we see more stages between the two on Earth? It's easy to see why people would claim the link, but why is there such a sharp division between the two? If it was a constant process, then wouldn't there be examples of the in-between stages even now? And yet there aren't. To me, that's always made the macro part questionable. The micro part, well I just think that's plain logic." See why I'd try not to debate him!
  5. GL1

    Remembering Verran Contest

    Dave This is a great honor to Ryan, I know he would have appreciated it. OCC was an important part of his life. He truly enjoyed helping people and working with them to better understand what OCC is all about. I think I've looked at all of his posts and nobody should have trouble finding something that touches them personnally. Thanks for being Ryan's (and our) friend. Happy birthday Ryan, miss you son!
  6. GL1

    Contest Coming Up

    Thanks Staypuft, I may actually understand this stuff some day![/color]
  7. GL1

    Contest Coming Up

    Can someone fill me in, how do you run under Verran's name? :thumbs-up:
  8. GL1

    OCC Awards 09 Winners

    Thanks for all the votes for Verran. OCC meant a lot to him and he would have really appreciated the way you all feel about him.
  9. Everlong - Foo Fighters, reminds me of my son!
  10. GL1

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    Sole treadmill, it'll make a good coat rack!
  11. GL1


    Congrats everyone!
  12. GL1

    2010: Official Happy Birthday Topic

    Happy Birthday Bosco, see you next weekend!
  13. GL1

    Now This is Hunting!

    Awesome isn't the word for it. Not my kind of hunting!
  14. GL1

    CES 2010 Coverage

    And I swear I saw it!
  15. Time to Waste - Alkaline Trio....seems fitting!