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  1. So am i holding the reset button down for a full 90 seconds while unplugging and replugging the power cord back in at the 30 and 60 second marks? or do i hold for 30, let go and unplug, hold for another 30 while unplugged, let go, plug back in and hold for another 30...?
  2. Thanks guys, I did forget to mention that I did try a hard reset, but only held it for 10 seconds. I'll shoot for the 30, and if that doesn't work. My cousin was right.
  3. So, this past weekend my parents switched from WOW to Comcast. Ever since then, our router has stopped broadcasting the wireless signal. Here are some "symptoms" I've noticed. The WLAN light; only half of the circle is flashing, and its very dim. For the most part it doesn't light up at all. My fathers desktop pc is connected to port 1. It is the only pc that has internet access. My desktop upstairs has a USB wireless adapter, doesn't get a signal; neither does my brothers or my fathers laptops. I brought down my desktop and tried to LAN to the router on port 2. No internet access. Can't even ping the router from command prompt, "general failure." I switched my father to port 2 and my pc to port 1. He gets access on port 2, but I still don't get any response on port 1. My fathers pc (the only one that has access) cannot access the routers user interface. It also "times out" when trying to ping the router ( Yet it has full access. (?!?!?!?) My pc (currently LAN'd) connects to the "unidentified network" and can see my fathers pc (also LAN'd and has internet access). Yet my fathers pc doesn't see my pc on the network. I asked my cousin who just so happens to be a "senior network analyst." He believes that the router is dying, or "on its way out" as he termed it. My question is, is there any way to get the wireless signal broadcasting back up and running at least till I get a newer router? Is the router dying? Why can't my fathers pc (the only one with an internet connection) access the routers user interface? Why is it, that no matter which port it's on, my fathers pc always has access; yet my pc doesn't? Any input would be greatly appreciated. My family is tearing itself apart fighting over who gets to use this pc. LOL...
  4. Dont flame me for this, but what are the servers everyone plays on? I need a group of guys that actually Use the voip (or teamspeak/vent) to win games... I just need some people to play with in general, this random server playing has bored me. Don't flame me cuz i havent read all 34 pages. OR at least sticky the OCC server(s). My xfire name is iodd64
  5. im running win7 64bit .. with that and some misc. background apps, i max out all 4 gigs rather quickly running crysis on full lol
  6. So, I haven't been on here in a very long time - don't see any older people around, all new faces... anyway back to the topic at hand. Ive built this so far: phenom x4 955 BE (should've just bought the 965) Radeon 5870 2x 2 gig g.skill ddr3 1333 1tb WD green caviar dvd+/- rw, etc etc Now this is waht I've noticed. 4 gigs isn't enough apparently, I will buy another 4 gigs. Also, the 7,200rpm drive is really the only bottle neck. i always find myself waiting on the hard drive.. should I invest in a SSD? i mostly burn dvds for family and play video games. Also, this mid tower isnt big enough anymore. Cooler Master cosmos/ HAF or the corsair 800D obsidian? I'm leaning towards the obsidian just because the haf looks immature for young gamers, and i never really liked the cosmos. But is the 800D really worth its $280 price tag? I will be water cooling in the future. I will be pairing this new case with a corsair HX850w (gotta love the 7 year warranty Also, before i delve into a w/c set up. should i go with a tuniq 120 or a v10...?
  7. My friends little brother is supposedly buying the computer off me soon, as soon as he gets some money together, but if anyone on here can paypal $300 within the next couple days. its sold to you (he's offering 300, so im not gonna sell behind him for anything less). Subs, are still up for sale, sorry ginger. ive been really busy and dk what info your looking for. The nano has to go as well.
  8. Computer for 250, ginger ill pm you about the subs...
  9. Sorry guys, been busy... I've decided that I'm going to sell the computer off as a whole. If you don't want the crt/keyboard/mouse/ ill sell the rest of it away for 250? lemme kno.
  10. Gah, I was irritated that the stuff didn't sell on my "prefered" forums, so i put it all up on craigslist. The wii is sold, the subs, nano, and computer are all up for sale still.
  11. And your right. But it still folds; i remember when you were rocking an athlon back in the day ;-) But if you wanna fold with an abacus then go ahead. It's still up for parting if anyone wants anything for a folding rig. Price drops, 250 for the sub combo, 50 bucks for the nano. I'll sell the computer out right for 150 - considering the case alone cost me like 80 dollars.
  12. Bump, I'll let the Subwoofer combo go for 250 and the ipod for 80 <-- its a nice gift for anyone that doesn't wanna drop a few hundred bucks for the new fat ones..
  13. BUMP!!! Come on guys, your a bit disappointing.. I had high hopes that someone would buy atleast the rig for folding purposes. These prices are negotiable, except the nano.
  14. its alright, its fun and all - but i have much more fun coming my way. btw i preferred melee to it anyway. anyone interested? i talked to some friends and they said some of my prices were set a bit high. so NEGOTIATE PEOPLE!!
  15. ok so i promised id take pictures, and if it does help. w/ the computer ill include this old set of speakers, its 1 satellites n a mini sub. ill throw the in witht he computer or wii w/o any extra cost. also include a linksys wireless adaptor for the computer, again w/o additional cost. i just want the extra cash lol. these are all of them, i took a couple as proof that my stuff works.
  16. Ok, here it goes. I haven't been active here in quite a while, my interests have gone elsewhere (please don't hate me, lol). So I'm selling away my things for a nice down payment on a crotch rocket. I have an older machine. Here are the specs. The materials were overclocked for a very short time. And haven't been tampered with since the new case/ hard drive i put in last summer. AMD athlon xp 2800+ Radeon saphire 9600xt 256mb DFI lanparty motherboard (forgot the specific name, but back in the day it was the board to overclock your cpus with) 2x 256mb mushkin ram. forgot the cas latency. WD (i believe) 160 or 200 .. again i dont remember exactly (im on my laptop). bought new last summer. DVD-RW the case is new, i believe its an antec. it has 2x 120mm fans in the front, 1 on top, 1 on rear. air flow is superb. the psu was bought with the original rig back in 04/05. its 400 or 500w. again i dont remember. im willing to throw the mouse/keyboard/crt that are all on it. Note: i obtained the crt from a friend, it has aged (the picture hasn't malfunctioned) im willing to part it out, but would rather just sell the whole thing off. Since ive gotten my laptop, i have literally no use - seeing as my parents have bought a newer desktop and i dont play pc games much anymore. asking ~300? kinda firm, and buyer pays shipping. I have a Wii, bought last summer. Have a couple games that ive bought through the wii shop channel. Super Mario Bros. 3 - wii channel Gunstar Heroes - wii channel. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario Bros. Brawl Dragon Balls Z: tenkachi (sp?) 2. Wii play + sports I have 2 wiimotes and 2 nunchucks. This must be shipped all together. Asking ~400, slightly negotiable. Buyer pays shipping. I have 2 Subwoofers (one box) they are Rockford Fosgate's. 2 10's. I don't know what model they are, because they were already installed when I bought the car. They push a lot of air in the golf, lol. 1000w Crunch Amp, from my knowledge. Crunch is Rockford Fosgate. I'm not sure what gauge the wiring is, but the way it pushes, I'm pretty sure the gauge is 4. ~300? Negotiable as well. Buyer pays shipping. Apple Ipod, 4gig Nano, the light/pale blue color they came in. Its got a couple scratches from a couple drops. It still works. Will include the headphones and the computer connect cable. Also have a Maxwell FM transmitter. Will not ship apart. ~$130 firm, Again the buyer pays shipping I will ship UPS Ground, anywhere in the USA. I prefer not to ship out the states, but if your near to me aka canada I dont see why not. customs is quite the ###### to deal with and I don't want the potential buyer to have to wait up to a month for they're item(s). The only method of payment I will accept is PayPal. Buyer, please pm me for my account name. Will try to find time to post pictures sometime tomorrow, if not, tuesday after school for sure. (im posting this at 1:23 am heh) I live in the metro area of Detroit, Michigan. Just to give you an idea of how long it might take to ship to your current location. i feel like im forgetting something....oh well, feel free to ask any questions. I'll try to answer them to the best of my abilities. I'll also get better details on the computer parts tomorrow when i open up the case for some dusting.
  17. im interested in the 6800 xt; i gotta go to work though, ill be back around here later tonight
  18. ive done it all, ran a full system scan on adaware pro, virus scan on norton pro 05'.. nothing comes up, i defraged my computer a couple days ago... god dangit. oh well.... my video card ahs been freezing up lately, i suppose ill just format when i upgrad.e
  19. So, Aim (aol instant messenger) crashes whenever i play music, either off ares, itunes, winamp, etc etc.. yet movie audio still plays.. what gives? ive reinstalled aim and ares, yet the problem persists. any ideas?
  20. but your only 15, so how young were you?...
  21. gotta have a special license i would suppose.. since the drivers side is on the opposite of U.S standards?
  22. if all else fails.. i suggest loctite?
  23. ya im noticing that i get the wet crap when i drink milk... either gonna try unpasturized or lactose free? (do they make that?) btw.. i work out, so i need my calories and protein... whey is good... soy is crappy (dont like it) bahh.. back to tuna for me -_-
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