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    Intel Core I7-860
    ASUS P7P55D-E
    MSI 24X DVD Burner
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    Zalman cnps9900A CPU Cooler
  1. Hi and welcome. I recently joined as well, while in the process of building a PC. I haven't come back to the forum as of yet to start overclocking. So far, the PC is fast without O'Cing. Seems like the guys here are very helpful.
  2. Thanks to all of you for your warm welcome! I'm truly looking forward to getting to know you and having a good time with finding out what O.C.s all about. To be honest, I've read posts about temps, speeds and tweeks, without wanting to step into what I'd call a borderline specification land mine. We (or most) of use so called engineers like to play it safe when it comes to staying in the middle of min-max parameter. But what the heck..........I'm ready to push things around a bit, as long as I don't fry anything! Thanks again for your welcome. Tomorrow the rest of the gear shows up. I'll probably have it put together, and try the XP drive from the failed PC until Win 7 shows up to install into the new drives. Keep your fingers x'd for me!
  3. I found this site today. The thought of O.C'ing intrigues me. My trusty XP machine decided to pass on this past weekend (RIP). I'm in the process of building a new machine with the components listed on my profile. The P.S. arrived today, the other component will be here tomorrow. The O.S. is the long pole in the tent, regarding delivery. This will be my sixth PC build (for me and for others). Overclocking has always interested me. I'm a manufacturing engineer in the aerospace field. Many years ago, I thought about liquid and refrigerant cooling a CPU, but never acted on my thoughts. Anyway, I hope to learn from all you fine fellows regarding O.C; CPU(S), GPU(S) and RAM. I hope to have the PC built by weekend's end, depending on deliveries. Warm Regards, Mellotronics
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