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  1. Each square on the windows logo has an invisible shortcut or folder. The orange has Firefox, the blue has iTunes, the green has a folder with some more shortcuts and the yellow/orange has a folder with some pictures. I tend to change my whole setup often.
  2. Well, the problem fixed itself. I just accepted the disc and installed for some reason. However, the external harddrive that I attempted to use for XP had all of the files backed up on it and I formatted it without thinking which I am still beating myself up over. I found a usb drive that has most of her music (minus like 20 songs which is fine) and some of her photos so not all is lost and I am running a data recovery program ( I was careful to only download the program and nothing else so I don't overwrite the data.)
  3. Okay so my sister has a sony vaio laptopand it comes with a free windows 7 upgrade. The problem was that the disc was corrupt, so what I did was I just downloaded the same home premium iso online and then planned to validate it with the legit key.I burned it to the disc and booted to it, without thinking there would be a problem I formated the drive, after that it tells me that I can't run the installation by booting from disc. I need to run it from the desktop. Well thats a problem because there is no OS anymore on the harddrive.I downloaded a version of xp that you can run on a usb drive to see if maybe I could install it while running that but it says I can't install with that version of the operating system and I need xp sp2 or later to run the installation. I was thinking that I shouldn't even try to get sp2 since my version of xp was stripped to like nothing that it wouldnt't have all the files it needs to update, well the usb drive didn't have enough room anyway. So I tried to put the mobile xp on an external HD but that didn't work.So now I'm stuck with this laptop that has a formated drive, that can't have an OS installed on it because its locked down by Sony. It said I need to enabled disk controller or something in BIOS but there is like 5 total options in the BIOS to choose from and half are locked anyway but none what I need.I was thinking I could remove the HD and put it into my main pc, install win7, then put it back in (assuming its a sata connection). Should I just send it back to SONY and let them put an OS on?
  4. I posted this on another forum and this one reply I got. What do you say to that?
  5. This is mine... This is a real nice website for wallpapers. http://gallery.artofgregmartin.com/wallpapers/
  6. I hope this game kills MW2.
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