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  1. Hi guys... I bought a HD 4890 Vapor-X (Sapphire), but, I searched about my model (288-1E115-020SA) and all that I found was a lot of people talking about 'cold boot issue' I haven't tested this video card... I'm in my cousin's house... Every 4890 of this model have this problem? And how can I fix it? I dont want send my 4890 to Sapphire's RMA, because I live in Brazil, and everything is much expensive here (Including shipping) And sorry about my bad english...
  2. The HD5770 is good for overclocking too? Thanks! =D
  3. Hi guys... Some days ago I bought a new monitor (Samsung T240) and it uses a 1920x1200... So I sold my old video card (HD4850 IceQ4) for R$ 300 (US$ 174) And now I need to buy a new video card, but I dont have lots of money... Here are some option for you guys... You decide: XFX HD5770 = R$ 540 (US$ 313) XFX HD4890 = R$ 589 (US$ 342) XFX HD4870 = R$ 479 (US$ 278) I know that they are very expensive... But Brazil sux... Any other ideas, guys? Ty!
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