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  1. Interesting performance numbers from CPU-Z and Core Temp. When I first boot my system and or the monitor 550 CPU Frequency starts out at the rated numbers little over 3,100Mhz and 200.91X15. Within few seconds it drops to 803.6MHz 200.91X4. It also floats around up and down, but never back to the high. Is this normal? Is the BIOs lowering it because of some automatic setting? Plan on getting a better MO so may not be an issue but what causes this kind of data. In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king. AMD Phenonm II X2 550 BE packaged with Gigabyte M68M-S2 Mother board Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800. Radeon HD 4670 Hitachi Deskstar 640 3MB Windows 7 64bit Professional My current MO is a dog and is most likely set at defaults as very little is adjustable.
  2. Thanks. It works. I would have never thought about the Catalyst Control Center. No Manual came with the board. Now I know. .
  3. I am new at this so please excuse my stupidity. I have an Asus EAH4670 which has 3 plugs DVI,DVA and HDMI. I would assume this is 3 outputs for the same signal? I also have a mother board that has DVI, DVA. In order to run Dual monitors can I use on the EAH4670 using only 2 of it's outputs. Or do I have to use one from the mother board and one from the EAH4670? Help
  4. gabrieltessin Totally agree. The board was a package deal from Fry's. I did know any better and my expert friend missed this fact. Frys just wanted to move the MO and I did get a good CPU. I am very tempted to just get a new Mo and pull it in and see where it goes. Some web chatter says Windows 7 will not miss a beat and take off. Some are still concerned about unloading drivers before you shutdown. I have too many hours in my OS and APS build to start a fresh Windows 7 install. System runs ok but nothing is fine tuned and not what I expected with this MO.
  5. Has anyone updated this process with Windows 7 and the newer BIOs. Some seem to imply you can now do this without these before and after steps??? Would like a refresh of this based upon 2010 experiences.
  6. Looks like I am back to my original issue. My current Gigabyte M68M-S2 does not support any advanced features in the BIOS. No way to make any CPU adjustments. I can't overclock with the BIOS. Manual says Shift F1 will take me there but its just not there. Certainly not an advanced chipset and not the motherboard I would pick if I knew in advance. So when I replace with more advanced motherboard will I have any success in avoiding re-installation of Windows 7?? I don't mind getting a better Motherboard. I do have issues with having to reload all my applications.
  7. ddkshah Thanks for the reply. Most of the web chatter indicates that unlocking a 550 has very high potential? I have not seem much of any that feels the opposite??? Any thoughts?
  8. I wanted to learn something new, so instead of buying a retail PC I built my own. Friend suggested I start with the following. AMD Phenonm II X2 550 BE packaged with Gigabyte M68M-S2 Mother board Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800. Radeon HD 4670 Hitachi Deskstar 640 3MB Windows 7 64bit Professional The whole system cost a little less than $400. I learned allot which is priceless. I got hooked on what I was learning. Questions started coming up as I wondered how good the final result turned out. The whole idea that I could control the performance got me started or hooked. This PC building seems to be a $ sickness. The Gigabyte M68M-S2 was my first issue. No ACC so I can't unlock my 550. No BIOs to load that will fix that. It was free in the Fry deal. If I could unlock my 550 BE what would that really mean? Unlocked to 4 cores what AMD does that now equal, 955BE, 945, 810?? How much better would my system work with the unlocked cores?? How much better would I feel making that happen?? The whole idea of tuning the system got me thinking. So what do I do? I would like to have a MO that I can tune better with. Gigabytes has several to choose from. I have researched the issues around replacing the motherboard in Windows 7. Seems its either easy or its not?? With my new machine running. The biggest time investment was reloading all my data and programs. I don't want to do that again. If I redo I could also consider a 2nd build and move this computer to family. The retail option comes back into play as family does not learn anything when I shift my mistake to them. HP has some really nice canned stuff for $600. If I could redo I would do. AMD Phenonm II X2 550 BE Gigabyte MA785GPMT-UD2H G.Skill DDR3 1600 Radeon HD 4670 Hitachi Deskstar 640 3MB maybe a faster Disk Windows 7 64bit Professional Any suggestions on what to consider would be appreciate. My friend moved on when I started asking questions about the motherboard.
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