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  1. Yeah, That's the info I found as well (4gb kits) but all 4 of these are consecutive serial numbers *50 *51 *52 *53 I have heard about the differences with 2 versus 4 or more channels but I didn't think it would limit a stock 1333mhz 1600mhz capable kit to being 10% less than it's rated speed. 10% less than it's max would make more sense to me. Jeremy
  2. Hello, Long story short my G.skill value ram (f3-12800cl9s-2gbnt) will not run on ANYTHING over 1192mhz. They are BCSE IC's if that makes much difference. System: Asus P5E3-WS-Pro Q9550 @ 3.8ghz (447 X 8.5) 8gb G.skill RAM (4X2gb sticks) The ONLY setting that the RAM will post on is in the screen shots. I can't go up in speed, I can't go down in speed. Changing the DRAM Voltage makes no difference either. I can't loosen timings to get it to post... Literally nothing is allowing it to post other than 1192mhz. This is a gaming PC for my nephew to cut his teeth on in the PC world. I'd like to squeeze a little more out of it by bumping the RAM to 1333 at least but I have been unsuccessful, so I'm asking for help! Thanks Jeremy
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