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    Processor: AMD Phenom II 965 BE @ 3.8 GHZ
    Motherboard: Asus Crosshair III Formula
    GPU: Sapphire HD 5870 1GB
    Ram: Corsair XMS 2*2 GB + Corsair Vengeance 4 GB
    PSU: Corsair TX 750W
    HDD: WD Green 1 TB
    Display: Samsung Syncmaster 2233
    Cabinet: Coolermaster HAF 922
    CPU Cooler: Corsair H70
  1. +2 Yeah I totally agree..now in process of making custom filters and also trying to mod my H70 for better performance. Can any 1 comment on quality of Coolermaster iceFusion thermal paste? I have been using one but it is more than 2.5 years old but fluid.
  2. Thanks Ccokeman & My_Time..Atleast some people share the same pain as I am..BTW manual cleaning seems to be the only solution right now..Working on custom filters as suggested.
  3. Can any one enlighten me about performance of Gigabyte Z77X-UP4TH over Maximus V Formula..? Searched a few pages but not able to find concrete answers.
  4. Well at my home cleaning is done on daily basis..In-spite of that this problem occurred. i agree that it is lot of dust for less than a month thats why I am perplexed.
  5. My Phenom II 965 CPU temps even at stock on H70 tend to be at 43 degree Celsius. Just exactly 26 days ago I applied Coolermaster IceFusion thermal paste and cleaned the system including my H70. Still it didn't lower the temps. Finally thought of reapplying the thermal paste when.I saw some dust on the radiator fans. Out of curiosity I just unscrewed the exterior fan and aghast the scene was terrifying. Just 26 days of dirt I mean it literally 26 days of dirt can clog the radiator to such extent in-spite of having dust filters on intake fan side of my CM HAF 922 cabinet what will it do to NH-D14 I am thinking of ordering which is having more fins ? As I am planning to upgrade my rig this problem has now totally perplexed me. Just cant think of any solution...May be custom water cooling but as that kit also consists of radiator it also might end up the same way. Please suggest a solution.
  6. Thanks Shurman..You struck the cord regarding Xonar D2X..I am almost finalizing it. Just one last comparison with driver compatibility issues of xonar/soundblaster-z remaining.
  7. Just a quick thought, tell me if I am way off. I understood the higher spindle speed mostly affects the pre-fetch from cache.I am way off base or in the ballpark? Thanks. It would help with access times, which are the most important for typical usage but for a storage drive it wouldn't be worth the often sizable difference in price between the spindle speeds. I wouldn't go with a 120GB SSD though. I'd run a 60GB SSD with the Intel Rapid Storage Technology as a cache drive to the bigger drive if money is tight. (This makes it pretty much as fast as running a standalone SSD but with all the capacity of whatever platter drive you run) I recommend the full experience of a 240GB or larger OS/program SSD and then dedicated storage drive I agree IVIYTH0S..but the 240 GB SSD's here in India are far too expensive than that in US (Price Starts at $180 in US (Amazon.com) whereas in India it starts at $250 approx). Hence sticking to 120 GB as a Boot drive. As far as u r suggestion on Asrock mobo is concerned Asrock is not having a service center in my town but Asus has one. Hence RMA would be a problem if there was one.
  8. Thanks IVIYTH0S..Will give some thoughts on u r suggestions..
  9. Thanks EuroFight for u r input. One question..if I crossfire 2 cards in near future will my Corsair TX 750W be sufficient ?
  10. Hi Guys, I am planning to upgrade the following peripherals in my current rig: Processor: Intel i7 3770k (Gaming + Lightweight Editing) Motherboard: Asus Maximus V Formula (Already using ROG mobo for AMD platform hence satisfied with tweaks provided) SSD: OCZ Agility 3 120 GB (Mainly as a Boot drive for Win 7 Ultimate OS ) HDD: WD EZRX 3 TB (Secondary Storage) Monitor: Asus VK278Q (Shifting from 22' to 27' monitor) My current AMD build is in my signature. Some Thoughts: The main reason for shifting to Intel is power consumption. Many people have rightly said you save a few bucks on AMD CPU but more electricity bills in the longer run compared to Intel and I am the one experiencing it. AMD P2X4 965BE is having TDP 140W plus overclocking it to between 3.8 to 4.0 GHZ consumes around 160 to 190W and that has consistently increased my electricity bill. Whereas Intel 3770k is having TDP of 77W almost half that of 965BE but costs way more than AMD [email protected] Also I am not satisfied with my current CPU cooler Corsair H70. Even at stock 3.4 GHZ the temps are around 39 to 43 deg. Celsius whereas many Phenom users report the stock temp to be around 29 to 30 deg. celsius. Applied CoolerMaster IceFusion thermal paste but results are crap. Thinking of some better cooler or even custom water cooling but no good brands such as Frozen CPU, Koolance or EKWB available in India. Hence in a dilemma. The ATX form factor for Crosshair III is ( 30.5 cm x 24.5 cm) whereas E-ATX form factor for Maximus 5 Formula is ( 30.5 cm x 25.7 cm). I hope MVF will fit into my CM HAF 922 w/o any problem. My Sapphire HD 5870 has served me very well for past 3 years but not sure of handling future games such as Crysis 3 and many more graphic intense games to come, hence thinking of HD 7970. (I wont be using 3 monitor setup. Just one) I am a music freak hence thinking about Creative SoundBlaster-Z/Asus Xonar D2X as I am not sure how the MVF onboard Supreme FX IV sound card performs. If I were to upgrade my current Artis 5.1 speakers to Creative Inspire 5.1 or Logitech Z506/X-530 5.1 (Those available here locally) which one would you suggest. Does 7200 RPM HDD's over 5400 RPM HDD's have significant Cost/Benefit performance in gaming ? Suggestions are welcomed.
  11. Hi Spike, During bootup itself the Bios post message shows 3 cores active instead of 4 cores. Ive checked the CPU config settings and there are 4 options auto, disabled, all cores, per core. I have chosen all cores.
  12. Hi Guys, I have AMD Phenom ll 965 3.4 GHZ stock on Asus Crosshair lll Motherboard. Today when I rebooted my PC, in bios it is showing 3 cores instead of 4 cores (0,1,2 active). Earlier last month while installing Corsair H70 CPU cooler a processor pin was bent which was stuck to stock cooler while removing. After rigorous attempts I was finally able to make it straight and install the cooler. After that too the bios was showing 4 cores active. Now today all of a sudden 1 core is missing in the bios. What could be it ? CPU Core damaged permanently damaged ?
  13. Finally Corsair H70 FTW !!!!!!!!!! Idle temperature and Load temperature of CPU reduced by 8-9 C and 20 C. Now Idle temp is around 36 and Load temp is max 40. Also added 2 extra fans, 200 mm inlet and 120 mm exhaust respectively. I think found the reason the why the system used to freeze. One of the processor pins was bent earlier by great pain and effort I managed to straighten it and place it in the socket. Everything is working fine as of now. Thanks every one for the suggestions and input.
  14. Dude I went for the H70 considering its closed loop configuration and some after sales services restrictions in my home town. Noctua is unavailable here. Plus considering the extreme dust accumulation problem if I were to go for an air cooler I would have to clean it every month as the steel fins get totally clogged. @LuckyDeath: I am pasting the 3DMark 2006 and ATi Catalyst stats.
  15. Dont scare me dude Boinker, I cleaned my stock cooler, it was clogged with dust and reapplied Cooler Master Thermal Paste..Now the temperature is 43 C. But my system freezes after few hours of Gaming or Video play. FPS drops to 50 from 300 in Counter Strike:Source. Damn I am worried whether my Processor or Graphic card is damaged or what !!!! Anyway I have ordered H70 and will be arriving today. I pray to god nothing worse happens to my Processor or AGP card. Is there any way to find out the same ? meaning damage already done ?
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