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  1. Got the BX2450 today. It's awesome, the picture is beautiful, no ghosting, or dead pixels. It's really thin too, and it has NO backlight bleeding that I can see. Absolutely perfect. There's even a tool you can adjust monitor settings from within windows instead of using the on screen menu.

    This is by far the best monitor I have ever seen, let alone used.


    I have a lot of highend cards, 5870's, 460's 5970's for me are like a drawer full of old AGP video cards to other people. I don't exactly have any 5650's or anything like that laying around. :lol:


    Got anything good enough for physx i can have?

  3. If I understood this correctly, you wish to play video files from your PC to your PS3, I recommend using PS3 media server. It streams files from your PC to your PS3. It plays every single file I have ever tried, except raw fraps recorded clips. MKV files work, with subtitles, as do AVI. I am quite sure that it will play mp4 files as well.



    I have used PS3 media server consistently without problems for several months. Has played every movie ive tried.

  4. People who think alienwares are the fastest computers money can buy.

    When my mom tells me her internet is down because 1 specific page wont load, but everything else will.

    When a certain noob kid at school says his alienware laptop is faster than my pc.

    When someone doesnt get the difference between ram and hard drive capacity.


    lol the list could go on.

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