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  1. My 18th birthday is this Sunday, a key would be the best gift i ever got :)


    After watching the Thunder Run video, how could ANYONE, EVER, think that MW3 will be better. There is more awesome and badassery in that vid, than there has been in THE ENTIRE COD FRANCHISE.

  2. Your finger should not be on the trigger or inside of the trigger guard unless you have the barrel of that rifle aimed at something you want to kill.

    There are almost NEVER any exceptions to that rule.





    How haven't they taught you that?




  3. I never heard my 355s at all and didn't adjust speeds. Doubt he will either over all those fans he's going to have in a DD case.


    11 AP-14's and 4 80mm noiseblockers lol. but im gonna put them all on fan controllers, and crank em down. should be pretty quiet.

  4. So Im making some serious upgrades, one of which includes watercooling. My loop is going to consist of an ek supreme HF, 3 rx360 rads, xspc razor 6990 and 6970 blocks, and a 250ml Res.


    I don't know crap about pumps, so what would be some good choices? and keep in mind I want into be as quiet as possible.


    All responses appreciated :)

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