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  1. i noticed the bars when i have my pc hooked up to my tv, at 1080P, i had to adjust scaling to make it perfect. but i suggest checking updating CCC to a newer version. here's a link: http://game.amd.com/us-en/drivers_catalyst.aspx?p=xp/radeonx-xp and dont worry, it should be the right driver based on your sig specs once you update, finding scaling should be simple
  2. id just keep what u got. i doubt you'd see any performance gain from different ram of the same speed, but timings are also something to consider.
  3. i would just buy what you want and not worry about the firmware, it will come with firmware preinstalled, which will most likely never require an update.
  4. is the other end of the wire connected to the psu or mobo?
  5. i havent watched Futurama in forever
  6. my grandma's roomba does the same thing, as soon as it comes off the charging base it moves about a foot and starts spinning in circles.
  7. well got ma new card, and 39-40c idle at 35% fan speed, and a max of 76c at 50% fan speed during the FF XIV Benchmark.
  8. i think i have good contact already, as i dont have to put hardly any TIM on the core, which gets evenly distributed when i reinstall the heatsink. but i bought it at best buy so ill just swing in there and swap it for a new one if i get the time.
  9. RESULTS: The Witcher Enhanced- Fan 51%-Highest Possible In-Game Settings, No Vsync Max: 95c FF XIV Benchmark-Fan 51%-Low Res Max:105c Fallout 3-Fan 51%-Highest Possible In-Game Settings, Vsync MAX:83C Left 4 Dead 2-Fan 51%-Highest Possible In-Game Settings, Vsync Max:96c Oblivion-Fan 51%-Highest Possible In-Game Settings,No AA, no Vsync Max:73c All are at 1600 x 900 res excluding the FF XIV Benchmark.
  10. it's a corsair tx850^^^^
  11. Well let me say that this benchmark and furmark are the ONLY two gpu intensive programs i have EVER run that made the core get this hot. It's weird though, crysis dont heat it up anywhere as bad, so im beginning to think it's just the benchmark itself. And ive already replaced the stock TIM so idk. ill run some tests and see what temps i get.
  12. yo, about ur question about my 5770 idle temps, they range from 42-44 C most of the time, auto fan speed.

  13. could just be my bedroom, its hot as hell in here
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