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  1. As the title says, my cpu fan will run at max speed until i manually turn it down via speedfan. It's been doing this ever since i built my rig back in January. Any ideas why it behaves like this?
  2. These cards are supposed to match the GTX 465, if thats true then the 5770 will lose badly.
  3. Jeez dude clean that heatsink lol
  4. Well unless it's a two pin fan ( which it aint), it shouldnt be running full speed all the time.
  5. Should be great, like the above poster said, id recommend getting a good cpu cooler for overclocking.
  6. id say try reapplying the TIM. I have the same cooler, but i put a small thin line of TIM in the center of each heatpipe, and it keeps my cpu nice and cool. Using this method my cpu idles from 32c to 35c depending on room temp, and a max load temp of 50c with only ONE fan in pull position at 50% speed.
  7. Ok guys, a friend of mine has this laptop, which he bought 4 months ago. It recently had it's first BSOD, after plugging a webcam. Now, he's lucky if it will boot into windows ( 7 btw), and if it does it EXTREMELY slow, like it takes 20 minutes to load. Once it loads into windows, nothing shows up, like any of his icons, or the taskbar. Safe mode boots almost as slow, but all his icons and the taskbar load this time. It also takes 5 to 10 minutes to open the Help ans Support menu from the Start Menu. Also, his laptop runs really hot, like 60-70c during normal use. I need help with this one, as i have no clue why it's in the shape it is. Help!!!!!!
  8. You need 200 Pin DDR2 SO-DIMM's. But that laptop has no ram slots free, so you.d have to buy a 4gb kit and replace whats already installed. At least thats what newegg says.
  9. Basically the fan doesnt detect the speed control feature that 4 pin headers provide, which usually would result in the fan running at max speed, but some fans do the exact opposite, and theres nothing that can be done to reverse that. So i recommend just getting a new fan that has a 3 pin connector, then there would be no doubt it would work. Just a word of caution though, dont get a delta brand fan, they are quite hazardous to fingers, as i learned the hard way yesterday
  10. try it on a different fan header. who knows it may work
  11. whats wrong with your current board? It's better than any board in your price range But on the other hand, this is what i found: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813153180
  12. What Socket? Also, What about expansion slot needs.
  13. Yea me too, I was about to give up on the 5770's. But i may return it anyway to put money toward a 5850
  14. it was the cable, swapped it out for a dvi to hdmi cable instead of dvi. No more twitchy pixels yay.
  15. yea my sig isnt accurate, removed the gpu oc a while ago on my previous card.
  16. congrats dude. now someone help me lol, thread title : XFX HD 5770
  17. K guys, im on my second 5770, and today i booted up the ol' puter and now im seeing green pixels flashing all over the place, mainly on darker colors\areas. It may be ma dvi cable, as i once bent a pin and had to bend it back, but it still works so idk. I did remove the card to do some cable rerouting, but i didnt drop it or anyhing so idk. Help plz!!!
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