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  1. Got my bench a few days ago! Such an interesting outfit, being able to access everything so easily is awesome. Sadly, I had to solder the included cables onto the switches since the connectors that were crimped on were far too large to hold securely, but it's not a big deal. I gutted my old rig and rebuilt it onto the bench, which I am now using as a XBMC/Media server. Quality is superb as well. Perfectly finished paint, and it's built like a tank, very solid and heavy. I have already been eyeballing a place where I could mod in a radiator, and there is enough room for a 240 while retaining a spot to mount a hard drive. I quite possibly could fit another 120 rad with a modular psu. Though cutting it up would make me die a little on the inside. Pics tomorrow. 


    Are you running the fans you have on you're radiator at 12v? If so, then no wonder they are loud. Those Xinrulian fans are supposed to be quite good. 


    You mean they are quieter than Noctua fans?


    Oh I don't think they are that quiet lol, but I have heard several people claim that they were very similar to Scythe GT's. See for yourself:




    Nothing beats personal preference though. 


    I think the scariest experience was when I pulled the trigger and nothing fired but I realised that we skipped over a bullet in the chamber when my dad showed me how to pull the hammer back to make the trigger sensitive (Edit : I just remembered it was called "Single action" I think, but I didn't really like single action since I preferred being able to feel the trigger being pulled and firing).


    If the hammer cocked itself while you pulled the trigger it's a double action.  A single action has to be cocked manually each time.  A double will cock itself when the trigger is pulled but can also be cocked manually.  And you'd probably shoot better cocking it manually.  The heavy trigger pull makes it harder to stay on target.


    Some revolvers are both Single and Double action. Im sure you knew that but I'm just putting it out there for Midnight.  :)

  4. I went from 195 to 155 give or take, in 3 months, without trying to lose weight. Medical tests did not report anything out of the ordinary, so I am just blaming it on my change in eating habits after graduating high school. I would eat a full breakfast, I mean full, like 3 scrambled eggs, 2 slices of bacon, sausage, 2 pieces of toast, and a large glass of milk every morning, and lunch, when in most cases I got 2 of everything they had, and another large dinner when I got home. On top of that I was in and out of the kitchen at least once an hour after something else to nibble on or drink. I obviously have an enormous appetite, saying that I am a bottomless pit is an understatement. I can go to Red Lobster and order an Admiral's Feast, clean the platter, and be hungry again in an hour, like double cheeseburger with fries hungry. Plus, I can't sleep if I am hungry, I just lye there thinking about how tasty this or that would be. Now I know I am only 19, so my metabolism is insane, but that won't last forever, sadly, lol. Anyways, Good Luck to you guys on reaching your goals :D I'll probably be right there with ya in 10 years. 

  5. It seems lop sided to me that the people screaming for gun control are getting all of the action, while millions are buying up guns as a response.  Isn't the gun buying frenzy also a strong indication about how Americans feel about gun control?  Spending real money should carry at least as much weight as an emotional response IMO.

     I went out and bought another AR lol, and 30 30rd PMAG's. "Buy em before they're gone"

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  6. Damn, respect to Mr.Boston. Now if only every American shared this position.


    @Thread: People desperately need to know what classifies as an Assault Weapon and what doesn't. If it isn't capable of full auto fire, it isn't an Assault Weapon, period. There may be an exception such as a shotgun, but honestly, no one considers shotguns as assault weapons. 


    This video needs to go viral: 


    @Anti-Gun Buffoon Gallery


     My jaw literally hung open when I saw the first two photos. Do these people not know which end of the rifle to point at the bad guys? Plus, how exactly do you "demonstrate" the use of a 30 round magazine. Common sense would tell me that the use would be no different from something like a 10 round magazine. Plus the whole trigger on the finger part, Jesus, what hope do responsible gun owners have. That also makes me wonder why children aren't taught firearms safety in school? What would come from that but good, honestly. That should be a mandatory class in high school, preferably 9th grade. 

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