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  1. I'm actually deliberately avoiding gaming keyboards. I'm a programmer, so I'm really particular about keyboards and I hate doing massive amounts of typing in most of the gaming or curved keyboards - I really like the regular sized, standard model ones (maybe I'm just used to them, idk). As for the case though, I'm not entirely sure what to go with. I don't really like the nameless, faceless big square box of doom look on models like the HAF, but I don't really know that much about alternatives. These look like they might work: Kandalf LCS Thermaltake Armor+
  2. An i7-920 it is. Everything else seems to be in order. I was just reading up on the 5970's massive size, so I'm wondering: does anyone know if the NZXT Zero case is enough to fit it comfortably? Or am I going to have to go for something like a HAF 932? (I like the way the NZXT tower looks a hell of a lot more but obviously don't want to get something that will be cramped or have bad airflow).
  3. So I've always had low-to-mid range computers pretty much all my gaming life and I'm kind of tired of turning every setting down on all games I play as the first thing I do after an install, just to make it actually playable. Now that a new year is starting, with plenty of good games coming out to boot, and I've come across some cash, I decided to go all out and finally get a proper gaming machine - I want this to be pretty a beefy setup. I do some graphics work, but I have access to pretty good machines for that - this one is I'm primarily using for some high-end gaming. I also like having large collections of music/video, hence all the hard drive space, with planned room for future expansion if necessary. So I'm looking at something along the lines of: [*]CPU: INTEL Core
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