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  1. Hey, I am looking for a 21.5" monitor for my core i7 rig. (I have 1 Sapphire HD Radeon 4890 btw ) It will serve light-moderate gaming and I would like the following from it: - 21.5 or 22" monitor size - glossy black screen or casing - Native resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080) or 'Full HD' - HDMI, DVI and VGA input - 3.5mm jack for audio input - speakers - USB ports (optional, not necessary) - 20000:1 contrast ratio (dynamic) - 2ms response time My maximum allowed budget is
  2. Hello, I am running a core i7 rig as described by my signature and have 3 DIMMS of XMP memory. However, at some point I would like to upgrade to 12 or 18GB of memory, but when reading the motherboard manual, i found that only one XMP DIMM can be installed per channel (A, B or C), so I am forevermore limited to this 6GB if I dont ditch those DIMMs. But, when fiddling with the BIOS in the past I discovered that XMP was only a profile option when it came to RAM tweaking profiles, so I was wondering.. would i be able to install two DIMMs in each channel so long as I did not set it to use the XMP memory profile in the BIOS or am i going to have to get rid of my current modules? Thanks in advance, Regards, mintsmike
  3. Hey, I am currently using the Intel Stock HSF on my Core i7 rig (see signature), but running prime95, i reached load temperatures of over 80oC on STOCK SPEEDS But i was planning on purchasing a new cooler anyway so I can overclock my system. I am not sure which cooler i should get though so I would like a second opinion. Here is what i want from the cooler: - Something less than
  4. I gave those temperatures on near 0% load and when i added a simple SiSoftware Sandra Benchmark of Processor Arithemtic the temperatures soared to around 82oC, which convinced me to restore default settings
  5. Hello everyone. I have recently undertook in the process of overclocking my new core i7 920. I used the stock cooler and chose the following options: D.O.C.P Overclock Mode with BCLK at 160 MHz multiplier at x20 SpeedStep on Turbo Boost on Also my memory is XMP crucial 6GB and it has been clocked to ~1500MHz (cant remember exact figure) and CPU-z shows my QPI link at 3840.1 MHz. The QPI/DRAM voltage setting in the BIOS is at 1.65 V. I have acheived 3.2Ghz with the followin core temperatures: 58oC - 57oC - 59oC - 58oC I wish to know what the overclocking experts think of this setup and if my system is stable, will last me the amount of time it should using stock settings or whether its life span will be cut short. Thanks in advance Michael Renfrew
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