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  1. you have to remember that the i7 has more threads
  2. I just thought that the 5970 was just a stonger card than 2 4890's
  3. I overclocked my 1090t to 4.3ghz and oc'd my 4890's on air and got a score of 25295 and think that i can push it some more but as i look around the web i see 1090t oc'd to more than 4.3 with 5970 with lower scores. I thought 2 4890's are stronger than one 5870 ?
  4. I Just reran the test and these are the results 7.46
  5. My new score is 7.23 with 4.3 ghz the score doesn't show the real cpu's speed as i was using amd overdrive to tweak some settings
  6. does you score go up more with an increased ht
  7. So the 6.84 score is good and the single score of 1.22 is also?
  8. what scores do you think that i would get with a overclock on 4.2 or 4.4?
  9. Is anyone getting crazy readings like this.
  10. It's a1090t it's a problem with CPU Z that they know about.
  11. I made the changes to the multiplier in the bios and there's no place to disable turbo.
  12. So I changed the multiplier to 20.5 and when turbo is enabled it shows 20.5 in cpu z
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