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    Hey Guys Im Back

    You can get a 12VDC cigarette lighter plug for that hole.
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    Great! Maybe I will try that....
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    hi, Our company decided to take a mini vacation (a week before christmas), which means there are a few PC's that will just be sitting there for a week without being used. Since they are basic workstations (and i just happen to be in charge of them), I figured they need to be put to work. This is what I have: 3 machines, all identical in components, running amd 2500+ with 100mbit networking and 512 GB ram I have an amd 2800+ at home. I want to take the 3 2500+ and the 2800+, and make a cluster out of them. Has anyone done anything like this with such quick machines? Should I maybe try gigabit networking? I will post pics of the cluster in the gallery section as soon as it's complete!