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  1. I press the 'on' button on the computer, and it doesn't start up at all after till ike half an hour. The computer is 9 yrs old lol.
  2. Ok, I have a dimension 4500 [the old computer], and when ever i go to switch it on, the ON button has a mix of green and amber lights. These lights just stay on for half an hour, untill it finally switches on. I think it's the power supplier, what do you guys think?
  3. Use this link!! http://www.microsoft.com/windowsXp/using/m...emoteintro.mspx I used this and its pretty useful
  4. Looks like someones accessing your computer...Do you have wifi? Your neighbours might be using it. Try restarting your computer. When thats done do the Cmd command again, see what happens.
  5. I've had the same problem before with my BThome hub. I fixed it by clicked on my internet browser, and it said that there was no internet connectivity. It displayed a web page which was coming from the hub not the internet, there was a link that said 'connect to internet'. I clicked this and it worked.
  6. I have an Windows XP Dimension 4500 [yea its the old one] and I press the button to switch it on. There is a mix of amber and green light in the button and it does not properly start up till about half an hour later. Im guessing this could be the power supplier not working as it should, what do you guys think?
  7. I had the same problem with my old computer!! I just just replaced it with a new computer which I have right now, and just left the old one. occasionally it was used when someone else was on this one. I did try repair XP on the CD but it didn't make a difference. I reckon now it was a hardware failure.
  8. Just buy a proper mouse, they are a lot more easier to handle, personally I hate touchpads. You can try reinstalling the driver.
  9. I've never tried out chrome, looks like it's actually good. I thought it would be as slow as IE [which is pain in the.....with it's loading time]. Im on firefox at the moment, which has no problems at all! And in my views the best.....
  10. I've had some pretty bad experiences with Norton antivirus, it was the only antivirus on the system so i couldn't tell if it had missed something out, and then decided to test out the antivirus using AVG free. It had spotted out 30 trojans. I cancelled the subscription and brought the full package from AVG, now my systems also faster!!
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