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  1. Btw boinker, are u using dual cold cathodes? If so how do the mounts look like? Cable ties or clip ons?
  2. I think I wanna migrate, Singapore doesn't import the the shizzles I need. Been running around the IT malls for years now and they have yet to sell anything related to WC setups. Much Disappointment. Oh wait they do, nozzles and tighteners for plumbing, and pumps for Fish Tanks. thats about it ;( Well Imma start ordering parts base on boinkers setup, gotta get WBs for 1366 and rampage II N/S bridge. Btw, what radiator are u using?
  3. I have to agree that the new tubing colours are alot better than the dark blue ones, but just out of curiousity, doesn't the HAF 932 already come with the rollers? I don't use the rollers because mine are on a retractable panel. EDIT: my bad u wanted bigger wheels that didnt break on the carpet, didn't see that part, ignore my post.
  4. 4GHz nice, though my mobo is capable of pushing to such extends, without WC integration, I can't do . for now *sobz. Well imma be on the look out for that work log Boinker, mad respects =) Waiting for my 5970 to arrive next week, hopefully i'd be able to order WC parts this weekend, OR i could always ask santa hehe "jokes"
  5. Thanks a million. Very helpful - still reading through though.
  6. Ahh Noted. Biocide to kill bacteria, don't think they have any of those here, well WC solutions isn't very popular where I come from =(. That aside... I believe we are able to use other coolants other than distilled water? I'm not too sure on this one, but I read through a couple of articles, seems they have come up with special solutions for the runs in these WC setups.
  7. Bio build up, I suppose we would refer to that as bacteria build up due to moisture? Right now I've found a 2 in 1 water block for my MOBO which covers pretty much the north and south bridge, tubing wise, of its type, I believe only you can give the best advice. Once again thanks for the reply.
  8. Greetings boinker, I just purchased my new rig recently and I have the exact same full ATX casing and I've been looking to invest in integrating a WC setup in my rig. Pardon my lack of knowledge for WC or rather ZERO knowledge for WC, but I was wondering if you could help me out on the advised parts to purchase and how to go about assembling. I will also refer to the tutorials to get a general outline of the assembly. Thanks in advance.
  9. Greetings this would be my first post upon joining this club. I would like to know what would be a good setup if I'm using a HAF 932 casing with my current specs? Thanks in advance.
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