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  1. At this prsent time I am running a Q6600 GA-73PVM 9800GT 2GB DDR2 I have a couple options open to me 1)Get a PCI-E x1 to x16 adapter 2) Look for a new motheboard with multiple PCI-E slots 3) get a 9800GX2 Option one is the cheapest but also could cause more problems. As the added height of the card in the adapter would mean the case would need to be moded. Also not sure if this will actually work. Option two an new motherboard would give me more upgrade options as I would get the extra slots to add more memory and also increase my max memory limit from 4GB on current board to 8GB. Option 3 The easiest option but limits future upgrades of machine. But there is a plus the card could be used in a new motherboard at a later date.Disadvantage is that I would then have a 9800GT not folding and also the cost of the 9800GX2 new are in the
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