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    Intel i5 2500k @ 4.3
    Asus P8Z68-V
    16GB DDR3 1600 Gskill Ares
    2x Gigabyte GTX 60 OC in SLI
    Corsair AX850W
    Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card
    Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 240GB
    NZXT Switch 810
  1. Went from a 64gb kingston ssd to a 240gb mushkin chronos deluxe, and went from an hd 5850 to a gtx 670 very recently
  2. How did I know you'd like luna with your sig?
  3. Cat haters gonna hate. I kinda like Luna.
  4. 1998 Ford Mustang and a 1973 VW Beetle.
  5. Thanks, geb! I'm pretty excited to be starting life in a new area haha. I've never seen snow in my life so I'm looking forward to it this year, hopefully. I'm definitely gonna go see downtown Cincinnati soon. I'd like to see what the music scene is like here. I enjoy going to shows as much as my free time allows.
  6. I love roller coasters. Back when astroworld was still in existence I'd go every weekend and ride everything. I'll have to give it a go this weekend if I can. I've always wanted to see it.
  7. Good afternoon, gents. Just finished settling into my new apartment up in Loveland, OH. Drove all the way from Houston, TX to go to school up here. I have to say that this area is absolutely gorgeous. So many hills, trees, and just all-around greenery. Back in Houston it's all flat and...de-treed. (That's a word now damn it.) Looking to take some time this week to look around Cincinnati and Columbus. Anyone from around here have any advice on sightseeing?
  8. Just picked up a G500 to replace my now broken naga. It fits my hands very well and it's an all-around good mouse so far.
  9. sheldorisafk

    Diablo 3

    Good luck getting on right now. My character creation isn't even going through lol.
  10. My vote goes to Trine 2. If you played the first Trine, you'll love Trine 2 even more imo.
  11. Ah my apologies then. I mistook the postings for maliciousness. Cheers.
  12. Oh I know full well I'm walking into a troll's trap here. But I have some hope that there's a human being somewhere in there. I'm a music education major with plenty of friends in the arts field. I tend to get a bit annoyed when people start bashing something that I want to do for my career.
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