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  1. Union Of V

    Memory vs Storage

    OK, I ran a small test and it doesn't seem like I risk running out of RAM: System on, idling: 1.31GB Open a RAW in GIMP: 1.39GB Duplicate 30 times: 1.40GB 3 massive blurs: an extra 0.10GB while it blurs, dropping back afterwards Open 25 RAWs in UFRAW: an extra 1.32GB, again dropping right back afterwards By the way, yes the cache was indeed set to the default 1GB Thanks for that...
  2. Union Of V

    Memory vs Storage

    I've a 5770 with 1GB GDDR5, however afaik GIMp doesn't yet support GPU acceleration. I'm not entirely sure so I'll do a bit of research to see if it's "in development", ie if I can get my hands on it. It's not so much that the rig is slowing down now, however now that I have a graphics tablet I'll be using far more layers and I want to be prepared for the day I have to make a 2hr photoshop with a hundred or so RAWs open in the background @Guest_Jim_* Thanks for that article, I'll make sure it's not stuck on the default 1GB.... @rest I'll check the RAM usage when I get home [EDIT] @premiumgfx The Caviar Black looks great, but I'd rather a quiet drive simply for storing photos. While the photos would load better with a faster drive, a few seconds delay at the start of a long photoshop isn't a problem for me. I'll just leave games and such on the faster drive.
  3. Union Of V

    Memory vs Storage

    Hi all, Now that my rig is being used for GIMP as much as for gaming, I was considering a small upgrade. Replacing a 6-month-old processor for €200-300 is out of the question so I am either looking at: bumping my RAM from 4GB to 8GB to speed things up a bit or adding an extra hard drive to store photos and such, since my current 160GB is already half full with photos - but won't be full for a while yet. Firstly, I figured out that if I work on a typical 38MB photo and create 30 layers, that works out at about 1GB RAM usage, which with what I have means I'll have 2GB spare anyway. But I haven't a clue how image editing programs use memory, so will I see a performance boost with an extra 4GB or not? Secondly, when it comes to quiet hard drives, I hear the Caviar Green range is good. Correct? Thanks in advance for your help
  4. Union Of V

    Post Your Finest Moments

    I was playing a 4v4 match of BFBC2 the other day, and against the odds the entire of my team bar myself left when we were down to the last station! However I still managed to kill the entire enemy team who were camping at the last base, defuse the charge, and defend it until they shot me with a nade at my feet and a mortar strike above my head! I ended up with 13,000 points, including more in-game points than the entire enemy team combined.... Good day. I'll find the screenshot. [EDIT] 19,700 actually. Good game. BFBC2Game 2010-05-09 20-24-06-36_edit.bmp
  5. Union Of V

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Usernames (Pc)

    PC: Union Of V Is there a single server everyone plays on?
  6. Union Of V

    Surround Headphones

    Just got a pair of G35's, haven't had a chance to try them yet. Comfy (pads aren't as squishy as most headphones, which I like), mic a bit too high but overall well built and designed.
  7. Union Of V

    You know you been playing too much when...

    When every time you hear a helicopter, you look up and think "UAV!!" (reason I stopped playing MW2)
  8. Union Of V

    Non-USA retail editions of games

    They're cheaper than in Ireland anyway! For example, Dragon Age DD on Steam UK:
  9. Union Of V

    Non-USA retail editions of games

    It should be the same (can't imagine India censoring games) but do check the language. I used to buy all my games from France and I could choose all European languages bar English - gamed my way through high school French!
  10. Union Of V

    Possible Battlefield Bad Company 2 server?

    ooo Talk about favouritism!
  11. Union Of V

    Possible Battlefield Bad Company 2 server?

    My reccomendation would be to find a friendly clan and get in with whoever manages the server. I don't know much about how bc2 multiplayer hosting works, but I'm sure on a clan server it would be easy to kick hackers.
  12. Union Of V

    Surround Headphones

    I thought that review was actually pretty good? The bass I'm sure can be boosted with the driver software and this isn't for listening to music. I think I'll have to state my intentions a bit clearer. I need a pair of headphones for gaming and nothing else. Sound quality is important but I'm expecting a tradeoff for surround - tbh I don't think I'd be able to distinguish between two soundcards while playing a game. Surround sound, accurate or not, is a must because I'm sick of the mud resulting from games trying to portray sounds behind you in stereo - virtual or not, it's got to be better. I think the 5Hv2 is topping it atm for quality, but I'm still having difficulty finding decent reviews...
  13. Union Of V

    Surround Headphones

    Hi all, I'm looking for some headphones. I've been using Audio Technica ATH-M40's up to now but I'd rather something more geared towards gaming, c.a.d. surround-ish sound and a mic to replace my Shure mic-mic :-) First on my list was the Roccat Kave, unfortunately I can't find any anywhere. Therefore I've decided to fall back on a Steelseries 5Hv2, but I can't find much in the way of opinions on it. However the Razer Barracuda does have some good reviews, and Ilike the idea of 8 drivers. As well as that, the Logitech G35's reviews go from "the holy grail of headphones" to "reproduces perfectly the ambiance of a tin can"... I'm confused! Can anyone please give me pointers on which of these pull themselves out of the murky jungle of headphones? Thanks.
  14. Union Of V

    AMD PhenomII 550 BE

    The stock aftermarket cooler is... simplistic but I can't see it being much of a problem, Phenoms run quite cool. Just download HWMonitor and Prime95 and make sure temps don't exceed 60 when running the latter. In answer to your first question, maybe. You can certainly try, but if this is a gaming pc I'd recommend overclocking instead.
  15. You will be able to tell the difference, but tbh it's a waste of money. It's always best to concentrate on the speakers because that's where the sound quality is really taking a hit. By upgrading the sound card you'll be improving the signal the speakers get to make a mess of (more or less depending on their quality).