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  1. The main way I read OCC is through the RSS feed, using Protopage. For some time now (week or two?) it's been reporting: I can access the RSS link without problem in a browser, but apparently Protopage can't. Has there been a change in permissions or something?
  2. Well, turns out I got it in 2018. So I totally failed on that 'first purchase of 2019' prediction. So on the last day of 2018 I got a CPU made in 2011 (the date printed on the CPU; the box says 2015).
  3. Another year, another shattered dream. Congratulations to all the winners. I always enjoy entering this competition because it's a great community and having this posted as a thread on the forum makes it nice to follow. Other giveaways are simply send and forget. Also, this competition always makes me think what I want to buy. My next purchase (after the FX 8350 I've already ordered) would probably be a cheap case. And I'd still love an update about Bosco to be posted here.
  4. That's an old PC. Mine was originally from 2009, but went through enough upgrades that it's completely changed. Started with an AM2+ board (Gigabyte 790, IIRC) with Phenom II X3 710, then I upgraded to a Phenom II X6 1090T, then, after the memory slots started failing and I luckily won a DDR3 kit, I upgraded to an AM3+ board in 2013. Now I'll put the FX 8350 in that board.
  5. As a stay at work dad my gaming time has also gone down to near non-existent. But I still try to dabble a little with PC hardware. I just ordered an FX 8350 to upgrade my Phenom II X6, which was what I said as an answer to "What will be your first computer part purchase for 2019?" Ended up as the last computer part purchase for 2018. But I'll get it in 2019.
  6. You can't say that and then not tell us how much longer is 'much longer'. That's cruel. At the very least say something like 'our anonymous sources say that AMD will announce the OCC winners at the CES keynote' or 'just as soon as we sober up, could take a while, we're still drinking'.
  7. I enjoyed the copy of RiME that I got last year. (Or rather, enjoyed watching my son play it.) I guess there are just a lot of entrants who don't post to the forum. This reminded me of the old spamming competitions at Driver Heaven, where your chance increased the more you posted.
  8. It think it was March, and only in 2016. But hey, OCC can do several Christmas competitions a year and I won't be complaining.
  9. Very nice! Any details of the particular models?
  10. I didn't give the answer to 'What will be your first computer part purchase for 2019?' enough thought when sending the mail. Although it was quite realistic (nothing planned), I really could use a new case and new PSU for the 2200G PC, which uses a really old (probably over 10 years) case with some annoying things and a nondescript and inefficient 400W PSU. At the very least it would be nice to replace that case. The only thing is, I hardly use the desktops. I also need to check if the RX 460 from my HTPC is really dead. If so, it would be nice to get a new low power half height card. Maybe AMD's 7nm Navi would help there. (Though the rumours only talk about 75W and up.)
  11. My favourite giveaway is back! But that reminded me, how's Bosco? What's been happening in the half year since that flood?
  12. The Christmas contest asked about my upgrade plans, and I finally know what they are, more or less. (And posting in this subforum because it felt like the best fit.) My current desktop has a Phenom II X6 1090T CPU, 16GB of RAM and a Radeon 5750. That's perfectly fine by me, especially since it's hardly being used. I mostly use the family laptop for web browsing and if I play games it's mostly to help my 7 year old in some game, and that's on the HTPC (Pentium G4560 + Radeon RX 460). Purpose of the upgrade: - Scratch the upgrade itch. - Get some new tech which ticks some boxes my old hardware didn't. - Throw a little bit of money at AMD. - Get something which uses less power. - Get something that's better in most ways, and not a significant downgrade on any particular aspect. - Don't waste too much money on something I don't need. So here's the plan: Get the Ryzen 3 2200G when it's released. Wait to see what kind of updates the new AMD chipsets bring, and whether motherboards with HDMI 2 come out (not that it really matters right now; HDMI 1.4 is enough for 1080P that the PC will use; but I want something 'future proof'). Decide what to buy then. Wait and hope that RAM prices start going down. That's a rather vague plan, but hopefully it will boil down to buying: - Ryzen 3 2200G - A B450 motherboard (probably microATX), or whatever low cost reasonable chipset appears. - 16GB DDR4 3000 or faster
  13. Thanks, Dariuas. I'm always looking for games that my kids will enjoy, and I wasn't familiar with RiME. For me that's the best kind of game to get. Games that aren't for my kids just go to the backlog and stay there.
  14. Thanks a lot for RiME. My kids are now playing it. I always appreciate a kid-friendly game.
  15. Congratulations to the winners. Thank you OCC and Universe (and the sponsors).
  16. Congrats, Wildman2 and Grilka8050! Enjoy your amazing new PC's.
  17. Merry Christmas, Universe, and thanks for all the keys. (Which quite frankly remind of the list of games I have keys for and haven't activated.) Posted from the bottom of a wine glass.
  18. Merry Christmas and good luck. As long as he doesn't come down with a winner cold, I'm okay. (But stay in good health anyway, Bosco.) Sent from my PC using Firefox
  19. Merry Christmas, all. Here's to a great 2018.
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