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  1. Sorry to bump an old topic but it seems my DeviantArt which I haven't logged into for 2 years now is filled with requests for the skins (and from OCC members here as well). Unfortunately I have lost these files now and don't remember how to make the USF file for the skins anymore but I still have the PSD files for the Fallout 3 and the Aero Ultra Compact skins for those who are still interested. I just remembered that I made these on a crappy 15 inch CRT monitor hence the Ultra Aero Ice skin has horrible colors. lol. I quickly fixed the colors for the Fallout Skin to have a more uniform texture and color now though. The Ultra Aero Compact ones I left the same. RAR'ed PSDs of the Fallout 3 skin: http://www.mediafire.com/?i38e7ecc5d6vpuf RAR'ed PSDs of both Ultra Aero Compact skins: http://www.mediafire.com/?t4yl1622pp93qch
  2. I just realized I haven't drawn anything in over two years. Here's some doodles from my computer, I don't think I have a lot scanned, I think these were from high-school, I had horrible ADD and just tuned out.
  3. oh hey, I didn't know I had an account registered here already! Hi OCC crew, It was great to see you guys at CES this year, I think I briefly met some of you last year but we got to hung out a bit at the Cooler Master party this year with Adam from LanOC and Chris from RWL. Stressfull week but fun overall. Hope to see you guys again next year.
  4. Congrats to all the winners! Have a Merry Christmas!
  5. I think I'm sticking with Opera, its got everything I need and more.
  6. I would greet you in French but I'm sure I was the only 9th grader in Canada that never had a French class because my guidance counsellor screwed up and just covered it up with another elective credit. lol! I only know French words I see on food labels. (poulet frit! poutine! fromage!) Joyeux Noel!
  7. I'm surprised they keep on making longer vid cards. Why not make it half an inch wider? half an inch wider = more than an inch and a half off the length. I'm sure most cases could fit a card that is half inch or a full inch wider than a card that is 3 inches longer than a GTX285.
  8. Good luck everyone! Also, have a happy holiday!
  9. XP 32 on one system and Vista 64 on another. Still haven't tried Win7. Probably until my next build.
  10. yep, the bios pretty much limits you from overclocking. Not to mention they only provide you with a PSU that has enough juice to run on standard settings.
  11. I took out an entire team of 12 in CoD4 S&D once (pump shotgun + UAV jammer perk) while my entire team got killed in the first 10 seconds. I love hearing "what the heck is HE?" whenever UAV is enabled and my shotgun shows up on the UAV only for a short second and I double back to kill the other guy who shows up. The two final kills were one guy hiding in the corner while the other guy on the other side, I shot the guy on the left while jumping then landed and knifed the guy on the right. Greatest gaming moment of my life.
  12. Antec 200 is like 35 MSRP and it is surprisingly solid and decent. I recently got one and the photos don't do it justice. It certainly doesn't look cheap at all in person and was surprised that it was larger than I was expecting. NZXT and Cooler Master has a lot of cheap but highly functional options as well.
  13. V8 is perfectly fine. How is the airflow in your case? Unless you are going for benchmark records, v8 is fine for normal gaming OCs.
  14. MODS MODS MODS! That is why I will always prefer PC. Also, just the use of Mouse and Keyboard is superior to any control (except a racing wheel) for most video games, especially Shooters and definitely Strategy games.
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