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    dual ssds

    About TRIM in RAID0 check out this link. The release notes state: So the next release 11.5 RST (we are now at 10.8) will enable TRIM for RAID0. Also if you do a RAID0 on an Intel controller, be sure to set the stripe size to 16k, since that is what Intel recommends.
  2. When planes go supersonic, there's that sonic-boom. In the future, when space crafts will go superlight, there's going to be a light-flash. The world around us is still the same, the only constant is that our undestanding of it evolves over time. E=~mc2, big deal...
  3. Between the Xoom and the Galaxy Tab 10.1, the 10.1 Tab wins hands down. Galaxy Tab 10.1 has HDMI out via an MHL adapter. When you throw in the iPad 2 into the mix, it comes down to what you're looking for software/applications wise. The iPad 2 has the upper hand for now in that department, but you will have to spend a lot more money to actually do anything worth while on the iPad 2. Android has a few software packages offered for free that can be used for productivity while iOS requires a bucket load of money to load up. Also the iPad 2 is packet with DRM up to the teeth, and iTunes will give you a hard time loading up your music collection/videos (that you own ofcourse), while Android will allow you to playback any content you can load on the internal memory or the SD card. My personal preference is the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but if you have additional money to spend on applications (you CAN spend more then 1000$US on utter crap), you can get the iPad 2 also. Whichever you end up with, it is VERY important that you get the 3G enabled versions, internet on the go is incredible. The reason why I like the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is because it can playback almost ANY type of media. For example I always rip every new CD in FLAC format, and the Tab will play it back without problems. Also I have some ANIME that usually comes in MKV form (a container, not a format, a sum of formats) and the Tab will play those back too (720p/1080p). The iPad 2 will fall on to it's face with FLAC and MKV, and iTunes will ask you to transcode those, costing you hours and hours of valuable time. Also it will reduce 1080p resolution to 720p and so on. The iPad 2 is a nice shiny toy, but it has HUGE flaws. The Xoom is rubbish, trust me.
  4. Sihastru

    What is your next pc component purchase?

    I am waiting for the next generation of videocards from nVidia, once they come out I will contemplate a GTX690 SLI setup. The GTX690 will not be a dual GPU card.
  5. Sihastru

    3 way sli Gtx 580 oc together?

    Yes, you can overclock nVidia cards with SLI enabled. It really makes no difference if you have SLI enabled or disabled. I would suggest you find a common ground between all three cards, and set them to the same clocks. Also since your cards are watercooled, it would be best if you reflash the cards with your stable overclock settings, you can also try some overvoltage. When you reinstall your OS, the OC won't be something to worry about, the setting will be preserved in the VBIOS. Don't try to set any records, just find a good balance between performance, power consumption and heat output. As for the advantages of this little endeavor, they will be almost zero.
  6. Sihastru

    Corsair Giveaway

    Let's see... Corsair things I own... first a few power supplies, the TX650, the TX750 and the AX850. Also I have a set of the SP2500 and a very good CPU cooler, the H80. The best experience so far would be with the AX850. I know it sounds strange, a PSU is something you plug into your system and forget about it, but compared to my past PSUs, the AX850 has the perfect mix of attributes, it is very quiet (fanless at idle), it provides very clean power (I managed my highest overclock when using it), it is fully modular and has very good efficiency. While I can have opinions on what could be improved upon various Corsair products I own and have owned in the past, I just can't seem to find anything about this AX850 I don't like. I see Corsair trying to heavily diversify, my advice to them is to be very careful, and release only the best products they can, right now they are sitting somewhere high and it would be very sad if they started to compromise.
  7. Just a thought. The LGA115X socket has two screws on top and a single slightly larger screw on the bottom. The strange thing is that the top plate is supposed to go under the screw at the bottom.
  8. Sihastru

    cant get ram to 1066

    Not a good idea to leave voltages on AUTO when you're oveclocking, the BIOS usually overvolts components like crazy. If your RAM is rated at 1066 then read the label, it should state the timings and the voltages for that speed. If it does not, then see the Kingston site, you need 2.0V and CL7 to run this memory. So you need to go into BIOS and manually set timings to 7-7-7-20 and the voltage to 2.0V. CL6 is "better" then CL7, you might want to try 2.1V or more for CL6, but I wouldn't go over 2.1.
  9. Sihastru


    Probability of loosing data from a RAID0 array is P(raid0) = P(hdda) + P(hddb) - P(hdda) * P(hddb), where P(hdda) * P(hddb) is the probability of loosing data from RAID1 array... So let's assume P(hdda) = P(hddb) = 0.008. That's 0.8%. So we get P(raid0) = 0.015936, that's 1.5936%. Almost double. That's because a failing hard drive doesn't imply that the other hard drive also fails. It just implies that all data is lost. Now that's the math part. The problem is, in real life, probabilities don't really matter. It's all about luck, good or bad. You can have a RAID1 with 2 drives, and both could suddenly fail exactly after they are almost full of irreplaceable data (from some random power surge), and you can have a RAID0 with 2 drives and not have any problems for 5+ years. When you're the guy with the failed RAID1 and your friend is the one with the still working RAID0, the probability of your friend mocking you for six months is very high. So if you think that having a RAID1 is safer, it's really not. Especially if your nickname is "Bad Luck FTW". RAID1 is not real backup, real backup is external/off site/web backup. But RAID0 is real performance.
  10. Sihastru

    Problem with hidden files/folders

    Use TotalCommander, it can see hidden/system files pending a small setting even if Explorer is set to not show them. Piriform's CCleaner can do that for you also... check every box except 'wipe free space'.
  11. Sihastru

    PSU problem perhaps?

    ATX 24pin is indeed missing one pin, the white cable is for -5V and it is considered obsolete. So that's not a problem. Things to try: reseat memory, reseat CPU, reinsert the videocard, take the mobo out and put it back in and see that you don't overdo it with the screws... please check that you have the correct 8pin plugged into the motherboard, some people managed to plug a PCIe 8pin in there. It sounds like the PSU is triggering one of it's protections. Other strange things less experienced people have done is to use mobo-case standoffs in the incorrect position, causing things to short out. Also some CPU coolers backplanes can do that too.
  12. Sihastru

    Bluescreen on P5QD Turbo

    on two of my P5Q series motherboards, I had trouble with the "CPU Margin Enhancement" bios setting. On one motherboard, a P5Q-E-Deluxe I had to set it to "Performance Mode" and on a P5Q-EM I had to set it to "Compatible". So there is no actual "right" setting, you have to experiment.
  13. Sihastru

    Starting with C++

    Support for 64bit (integer) types, larger and increased number of registers, larger virtual and physical address space. Also the CPU instruction set is extended in order to take advantage of these modifications. Regarding address space, there are some hardware limitations that might limit the expected "64bit". For example AMD64 is limited to 40bit (extended to 48bit by a few tricks) virtual address space and a 36bit (extended to 52bit by a few tricks) physical address space, somewhat limited compared to the full blown 64bit address space, but in reality, other physical limitations will be reached before the actual capabilities of the architecture are.
  14. Sihastru

    Starting with C++

    I have this feeling you didn't actually create the project the right way, as a console application. See this for an example, replace code with your own.
  15. it's about the ORB project, log out of ORB, then click your link, see what happens... ask Futuremark, this is what they say: true.
  16. a thousand appologies... list is now updated
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  18. Looking at the block for the NB/SB, looks like the old iterration full coverage blocks for X58A Gigabyte boards that EK had. They have a new one, it looks better and it simplifies the loop design, by impementing one continous block for both VRM areas and also it will reach the MOSFETs that are used for the NB power supply (they are now covered by a small aluminum heatsink). So instead of needing 4 fittings, you can now have just 2 for the same purpose. http://www.ekwaterblocks.com/shop/blocks/motherboard-blocks/full-board-blocks/x58-chipset/ek-fb-kit-ga-x58-ud7-nickel.html http://www.ekwaterblocks.com/shop/blocks/motherboard-blocks/full-board-blocks/x58-chipset/ek-fb-kit-ga-x58-ud7-acetal-nickel.html I like the acetal-nickel variant myself.
  19. Sihastru

    Just killed my E5200!

    I used a small tin pan filled with cold water, for "testing" purposes with a low end dual core once (E3300 or something like that)... As long as it doesn't start to boil, I must be under 100... Let that thing throttle itself.
  20. I will update the list shortly, have patience... there's still a long time before the contest closes.
  21. Sihastru

    Gone but hopefully not forgotten?

    Oh. My. God. I was thinking on getting a cheap, small 1.5L diesel car, but screw that, I'm getting a second hand 2.5L A6. You can consider yourself "born again".
  22. Sihastru

    can anyone offer RAM Help!

    Yeah, you need DDR3 memory, and the DDR3 Kingston Value 1333MHz 1.5V kits are listed as CL9 (9-9-9-25) but they can do 1333MHz @ CL7 (7-7-7-20) 1.5V, and also they can do 1666MHz @ CL9 (9-9-9-25) 1.6V. So even if they are cheap, they are fine. DDR3 also doesn't get hot like DDR2 did, so no heatspreaders are required. Being an AMD board I think you'll run them at 1066MHz, so no need for ultra expensive memory...
  23. Sihastru

    64bit Windows 7 with 4Gb

    Look at your memory labels and if both the 1GB match, all you need to do is buy another dimm of 2GB to match your existing 2GB, then arrange them 2GB/1GB/2GB/1GB and you'll be golden. 6GB unmatched dual channel can be done on Intel chipsets. This way you'll have more then enough memory (6GB) without breaking the bank to reach the nice "round" value of 8. Since you're not experiencing any stability issues, they should be ok even if they don't match 100%, as long as you buy a good match 2GB stick.
  24. hawkin90, see this post
  25. ...partial update, see list.